How to Grow your YouTube Channel in 2020

YouTube has been a rather important part of everyone’s daily routine ever since it was founded. People use it to learn something new, stay informed, and simply entertain themselves. Considering the current situation with the pandemic, people are spending more time than ever on YouTube. Therefore, if you are an aspiring YouTuber and you want to grow your channel, now is the perfect time to do so. Here are some of the best tips to grow your YouTube channel in 2020.

Create Engaging Titles

The very first thing your audience sees is, of course, the title of your video. The quality of the title determines whether or not they will click on your video. Therefore, the title must be flawless.

How can you achieve this?

Well, as a matter of fact, it’s very simple. Ask yourself this – does your title imply that your video is a must-see? The answer should always be yes. Most of the viewers want to see something dazzling and entertaining, but they also want to know what the video is about straight from the title. Engaging your audience with just your title is not a simple thing to do. This is exactly why some YouTubers decide to go with clickbait titles. You should never mislead your viewers like this, you will only lose their trust. Instead, you should try your best to use keywords, be concise, and avoid the fluff.

Also, it’s always good to use listicles, question-based titles, and phrases like “best ever, greatest of all time, easiest ways, simplest ways, life-changing, and other similar phrases. This way you will engage your viewers and hook them in.

Create Enticing Intros to Your Videos

Since we mentioned that you should hook your viewers in, it’s time to talk about your intros. Much like the title, the intro is one of the most essential aspects of your video. This is the part where you have to grab your audience’s attention and convince them to stay for the entire video. Be aware that this is not a simple task and you should really commit to it.

Many YouTubers have a problem doing this themselves, therefore they use certain tools. Some of them use the intro maker for YouTube and it’s safe to say that this tool is one of the best in business.

Naturally, how you entice your audience depends on two things – your presentation and your content. If you are making a video about some sort of project, you should always display the end result at the beginning of the video. If you show an impressive result straight away, your audience will definitely want to keep watching and see how you achieved it. This specific strategy is recommended for YouTubers who make DIY videos.

Telling stories is another great way to hook your audience also get the knowledge about YouTube to MP3 Converter. Old people, men, women, and children, all love stories. Most people, when they click on a video that starts with a story, they usually want to watch it till the end, in order to see what happens. Furthermore, telling a personal story is one of the best and most efficient ways to “make” your viewers to stay tuned.

Telling an interesting story right at the beginning of the video is a strategy a lot of successful YouTubers use these days. You should definitely try it.

Finally, even though this strategy will help you to hook viewers, you must also make sure your intro is directly related to the topic you are talking about. Your viewers decided to watch your video because they were interested in what you have to say about a certain topic. Therefore, you get straight to the point before they lose interest. Remember, you should never mislead your audience.

Keep Your Opening Credits Short and Sweet

Every YouTuber loves their opening credits. It’s where the name of their show appears and it’s usually special to them. Also, this is where they can artistically express themselves. So, it’s perfectly normal to spend a lot of time creating and designing your opening credits. However, it’s also very important to keep them short in your videos.

These days, most of the viewers don’t have enough patience for long opening credits. They want to get to the point straight away. Therefore, having short opening credits with the name of your show and the episode title will do just fine.

Find Out What Your Audience Wants to See

This might seem a bit obvious but bear with us. Of course, knowing what your audience wants to see is probably one of your top priorities, but a lot of video makers these days don’t know how to acquire this kind of information. Here’s how to do it.

  • Communicate with your viewers
  • Read comments and messages
  • Keep track of likes and views

Take feedback seriously, but don’t take it personally. This is the only way you will be able to improve your content and grow your YouTube channel. You can also Collaborate & Advertise your Content & YouTube video on blogs using Guest post, You have to search in google Niches “write for us

Collaborate With Other YouTubers

When you are starting out as a YouTuber, you should definitely try to be unique. Being original and having something different to offer your viewers will definitely help you to be successful. However, even though it might sound counterintuitive, you can’t do this all by yourself. In order for you to reach wider audiences and become more visible, you simply must collaborate with other names in the business.

Therefore, feel free to contact other YouTubers and invite them to be guests on your show. Hopefully, they will accept the invitation and some of them will even invite you to be a guest on their show. This is definitely one of the best ways to find viewers and create your own fandom.

Add End Screens

If you want to make it in this line of work, you have to be ready for the shameless self-promotion. You might be uncomfortable with promoting yourself, but it’s something you will have to do. The easiest way to promote your content is by adding end screens.

End screens are interactive graphics you can put into your video and they usually link to another one of your videos, your channel, or your website. Having end screens is usually the best way to convince someone to subscribe to your YouTube channel. However, be aware that you can add end screens only in the last 20 seconds of the video. Therefore, make sure to precise plan where you will put your end screens.

Always make sure to leave enough room for your end screens and you in the shot. If you do this right, it will definitely engage your viewers.

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Being a YouTuber is definitely one of the most interesting and exciting jobs today. However, it’s not as easy and simple as it might seem. There are a lot of things you have to consider and a lot of rules you have to follow.

Don’t let this discourage you because you can still preserve your original style and present your content in your own way. We hope these tips will help you to reach your audience, grow your channel, and become the best YouTuber you can be. Remember, believe in what you do and respect your viewers.

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