How to Grow Your Online Sales with Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool that many businesses are not taking advantage of. Email marketing can increase your sales and grow your customer base by giving you access to a wider audience than traditional advertising methods like print, radio, or TV ads. With the right strategy in place, email marketing could become one of the most important parts of your business’s online presence!

We have some ideas on how you can grow your online sales with email marketing! 

Start Collecting Email Addresses

You can collect emails through your website, social media channels, Zyte alternative email finder tools, from clients you have served in person, or even by using a signup sheet at events. Once people have permission to send them messages via email, they are more likely to look out for your messages. Suppose you are running a business regarding area rugs. You could have a signup sheet at your retail location, the website, or even at events to collect emails. Visitors are more likely to give their email addresses if they know you will provide them with information about discounts and sales as well as tips for buying rugs that suit their needs! Let’s say that instead of collecting emails at your business, you’re hosting a party for people who are interested in interior decor. In this case, place a signup sheet on the table and make it clear that by filling out the form, they will be able to receive discounts on future purchases and updates about upcoming events.

Schedule Emails Regularly

You don’t need to send emails simultaneously every day, but you must do something regularly – even once a week can work wonders! If people know they can expect an email from you, there’s more of a chance they’ll stay engaged and invested in your business. Send emails, and sales are sure to follow!

Send Emails When Customers Are Active

Know which days and times your customers prefer to shop, so you can send emails when they’re most likely checking their inbox. For example, if people generally check email on the weekend mornings or evenings after work hours, tailor your messages accordingly. Just like any other marketing strategy, timing is everything! Send emails between 12 to 2 Pm and customers will be more likely to open your email. Knowing the right time to send the email will lead to more opens and a higher conversion rate.

Include Links in Emails

A strong call to action is the key to success. If you want people to buy something, ask them! Include links in your messages that take customers directly where they need to go without any navigation required on their part. When it’s easy for shoppers, they are more likely to buy. It is the most important part of your campaign. Make sure it’s simple, clear, and concise what you want customers to do with their email message. If you’re asking them to “Buy Now,” make that point early on, so there’s no confusion. Include a link to make it easy for them!

Save Time with Templates

Save your time by creating templates that you can reuse in future communications with your list. When new subscribers join the email marketing campaign, send them an automated message such as “Welcome!” or include a discount code. Spam filters are less likely to flag an email that’s a welcome message or has discount codes in it.

Keep Your Promise

If you promise them something, do your best to deliver on it within the specified timeframe (usually 24-72 hours). This will make people feel more confident about buying from you again and telling others about your company’s experience. Suppose you sell hand-knotted rugs, so make a promise to customers that you’ll include free shipping if they order within 24 hours. You can make a profit because the customer will be willing to purchase your rug and pay for shipping, even though it would have been less expensive without the offer. Over time, this could lead to more sales as people tell their friends how much they saved on shipping.

Reach the Decision Maker

If it’s difficult to find your target customer in their inbox, don’t be afraid to reach out on LinkedIn and ask for a phone call. You’ll have a better chance of getting past first impressions if you can grab someone’s attention over the phone rather than with an impersonal email. Survey your current customer base. It will give you the idea of the type of companies interested in what you have to offer and how these businesses operate to tailor your message for their needs. A quick call with a decision-maker is better than sending over information three times before getting a response, which could be too late for either of you.

Send Personalized Messages

Be sure to personalize each email, and don’t try to sell too hard in the first few messages. Instead, use them as a chance for people to get comfortable with your brand while you make them aware of special deals or new arrivals that they might be interested in. That way, when it’s time to make a purchase, they’ll be ready to do so. It also creates a trustable relationship with them because they know that you care about their individual needs.

Include Logo or Header in the Email

It’s important to include an image of your logo or header in the email, so people know it is from you. It also helps a lot more than having just text-based emails because it shows that they are getting something personalized from the company and not just another generic newsletter. It will also clear the doubts of customers who are reading the email.

Make it Easy to Purchase from You. 

People like simplicity, so make sure your site is easy for customers to browse and purchase items without much hassle. Use a simple call-to-action button on the homepage or in email subject lines so people can take action quickly. The more people subscribed to your emails, the more likely they’ll be interested in what you have on sale or want to share with them. For suggestions and ideas, skim RugKnots selling policy and how they have made the process easy for their customers.

In Conclusion

There are many ways to grow your online sales with email marketing. We’ve provided you with some of the most important tips and tricks in this blog post, but much more information is available for those who want to explore further. Check out our other blogs on digital marketing if you’re looking for more topics or need help implementing a new strategy! You can find more at this link


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