How to Grow with Zero YouTube views and subscribers

It is really very frustrating having zero YouTube views and subscribers. When you are getting starting with your YouTube channel, nobody knows who you are and what kind of content you produced. Despite spending a lot of time in planning, scripting, filming, editing and uploading the video to YouTube and you end up with only a few views. This post briefs how to grow your video from zero views and subscribers.

It is easy to grow your YouTube channel if your YouTube has a lot of subscribers. And also if you are already a famous on YouTube then it is easy for your video to go viral or to get more views. When you are starting from scratch then what you need to do? So this post briefs 5 best secrets for YouTubers who are just starting their YouTube channel. These secrete will definitely explore your subscribers and grow your YouTube views fast.


  1. Use Compelling Title:

One of the biggest mistake YouTuber commits is using the boring title. For most people who are starting from zero views and zero subscribers must have to complete video titles. Because people who are searching for your video, they don’t know anything about you. So always ask yourself first while writing a compelling title for your video.

Use the word like “how-to” “secrets of” in your video title to make it more compelling.   Or you can also use “warning” type title such as “Don’t watch start a business until you watch this”. There is a lot of curiosity-driven in such type of title. When you have a very specific and precise title then it will definitely pay off. Because your viewers know exactly what they are viewing. So always focus on the topic that people are already searching for when you are just a new YouTuber.


  1. Hook user with YouTube trailer:

Think about your favorite movie before it releases you are all excited. The movie company releases a trailer. They give some of the best scenes from the movies that you are looking for. For your YouTube channel you need to do the similar kind of thing. You need to have a reason why the viewers should view your video. As it is not good enough to simply say “hey my content is fantastic that you should subscribe. So in your trailer tell them who you are, what are about, how often you upload, why they should subscribe. Tell viewers the frequency of your upload so that they know what to expect. And don’t forget to tell people exactly what you want them to do. Don’t think that due to your good content people will automatically subscribe to your channel. You have to tell them to click the button to subscribe to your YouTube channel. And also make sure your notification is On. So you have tell them what to do.


  1. Fall in with your fans, not your content:

One of the biggest mistakes lots of YouTube make is, they make videos they want to make instead of making a video that their fan wants. It is very easy to forget there is another human being behind this, watching you. When you look at thump up, numbers, viewers, subscribers, you think it just a digit. But these are not just a digit. Behind this there is a person, there is a human being with feelings, emotions, and struggles. Never forget that, so don’t ever treat your fans like a digit. It is very-2 important. So you need to care about your fans. Comment your viewers with a heart symbol. When you do that your fan gets a notification that you have given them a heart. Any big YouTuber who think that they are very popular and they no longer connect with their fans and they are not going to last long.


  1. Have a CTA in Your video:

CTA is nothing but “Call to Action”. You have to tell your viewers exactly what you want them to do. Whether you want them to share your video, do you want them to give you a thump up or you want them to comment on your video? Never ever assume that you will get share, comments or thump up automatically. You have to tell them what they need to do exactly. There are many ways to insert “call to action” at the begging, during or at the end of your video.

For example; At the beginning of your video you can say something like “hey this is first time you are watching my video make sure you hit the subscribe button.  In between the video you can say “if you want me to get similar video comment below”.  Or you can also do at the end of your video. But remember don’t overdo this which will irritate your viewers. Always turn on your notification, it is very important. Every single time you upload a video there is chance your viewers see it on their home page. So are more likely to click your video.


  1. Long term consistency trumps short term intensity:

Most YouTube gives up too soon. They upload some videos or they upload a dozen video and then they give up. Because they are saying themselves that no one watching my video and not getting enough  free YouTube video views, no comments, why should I spend so much times. But you have to stay consistent, as this is a long term game. It is just like a snow ball game. The amount to views earlier you get in months, after spending some more time you will start getting that much views in a few hours. If you upload two times a week instead of one time then your channel will grow fast. And you upload three times a week your channel will grow even faster. So long terms consistently absolutely trump short term intensity.