How to grow weed — safely and successfully — in your own home

Growing Marijuana at home is a fun process. Whether you’re looking to do it for your own personal consumption or commercial selling, it’s important to understand the process behind growing weed. It’s an easy process once you know how to do it properly.

Why Grow Weed at Home?

With the pandemic forcing you to stay at home, access to good quality weed might not have always been available. While medical weed still could be easy to obtain depending on the severity, recreational weed took a backseat. With cultivating weed at home, you’ll never run out of problems with running out of weed.

  • Choices– Cultivating weed at home gives you a lot of freedom in selecting your strain and determining the potency. While a pharmacy might offer you similar choices, growing it at home offers you a range of flexibility that is unmatched. 
  • Cost-Effective– Growing weed outside is cheaper than purchasing strains from pharmacies. Growing Does require a little bit of effort in maintaining your plant. However, once you are familiar with cultivating plants at home, it is a rewarding and satisfying process.

Things to Keep in Mind While Growing Weed at Home

Marijuana is slowly getting accepted in the world as something which has a lot of benefits. However, a lot of states still haven’t legalized Marijuana. So it’s very essential to know about the laws of your place before cultivating Marijuana. 

Another important factor is to determine your neighborhood. Cultivating Marijuana outdoors is preferable, but if your neighbors aren’t pot-friendly, you might run into trouble. Thus, assessing your neighborhood and local laws is important before embarking on the journey of cultivating weed.

Steps to Grow Weed at Home

Now that you’ve decided to go ahead and cultivate weed, check out ILGM growing blog to get help with every step of growing weed. Cultivating Marijuana has multiple steps, with the flowering stage being the most important. 

  • Planting Stage– Cannabis plants come into a variety of types. Seeds are most commonly male, female, or autoflower seeds. It’s important to know that Female seeds are the ones that produce flowers, which is essentially what your bud is composed of. Male plants thus aren’t that useful in your cultivation. You can choose a good and reliable seed bank and purchase Feminized seeds. Feminized seeds exclusively contain female seeds, which ensure your plants produce flowers. A good seed bank also gives you a germination guarantee, which is useful if you’re a beginner cultivator. 

The kind of pot you decide to use also plays an important factor. While growing weed outdoors is cheaper and superior, the environment cannot be controlled outside. Thus factors like rain, lighting can affect your cultivation process, and you need to be prepared for it. ILGM growing blog shares various tips on growing your plant outside. 

  • Harvesting– After all your effort in cultivating the plant, it’s vital to follow the harvesting process with due diligence. Once you decide to harvest your plant, you need to keep it in a room with good air. If your plant goes moist, it becomes moldy, making your Cannabis plant unusable. ILGM growing blog has a range of user experience and DIY methods to help you in the harvesting stage. 

Growing Marijuana at home has never been easier. With a few tips and tricks, you’ll be all ready to grow your next plant at home for a fun and rewarding journey.