How to grow a law firm website?

‘How to grow law firm website’ is a very common question, and no marks for guessing that running and growing a law firm website is a really tough job, even in this digital world. 

Most of the firms suffer from challenges that become so powerful that the growth of the law firm becomes stagnant. These issues include –having 0 times to invest in the business side of things, competing with new firms, and the real struggle to acquire new clients. I guarantee you that you aren’t alone in this! 

This article will walk you through a detailed case study on how to grow a law firm website. Doesn’t matter if you want to increase your revenue, or hire support staff for better management purposes; we will cover everything in this article. 

  1. Advertise 

First of all, you need to advertise your law firm website. Display advertising, social media advertising, and paid search are some of the excellent ways of attracting the customers to your website. 

  1. Get Social 

If you create some awesome content and just wait for some magic to happen and people will come to know about your law firm website, you are heavily mistaken. You have to be proactive in this case and use social media platforms for promoting the awesome content that you have created. 

  1. Mix it up 

You should always vary the format and the length of your law firm website content for making it appealing to different types of readers. 

  1. Write Irresistible Headings 

This is one of the most important parts of your law firm website content as even the most comprehensive law firm website blog post will go unread without a compelling headline. 

Fact – Do you know that writers at popular law firm websites write around 20 headings before finalizing the one that will get them the most traffic? 

  1. Pay attention to on-Page SEO 

A law firm website can get 10000s of viewers if it optimizes its website as per on-Page SEO. You should optimize your law firm website content for Google and other search engines. It is still a worthwhile and a valuable practice. 

  1. Target Long-tail Keywords 

Have you got your famous keyword bases and high-intent keywords covered? If not, then it is the right time to target long-tail keywords too. You and your law firm website is definitely missing out if you are not targeting long-tail keywords as they account for a majority of the web searches. 

  1. Start Guest Blogging 

I really do not care or know that what you have heard but GUESS BLOGGING ISN’T DEAD! If you are successful in securing a guest post on a good website, it can surely help you to increase blog traffic on your law firm website and help build your law firm website. 

  1. Invite other people to guest blog on your law firm website 

Guest blogging is a 2 way street, so you should invite individuals from the law firm industry to blog on your law firm website. They are likely to link and share their guest article, which will be helpful in bringing new and more readers to your law firm website. 

  1. Post content to LinkedIn 

Today, LinkedIn is much more than a way to find new jobs. It has now become the world’s largest professional social platform which certainly means that you should regularly post your law firm website content to LinkedIn. 

  1. Implement Schema Micro data 

Let me be very clear here that implementing Schema might not necessarily increase traffic to your law firm website, but it will 100% make it easier for Google and other search engines to find and index your law firm website pages. 

  1. Link internally 

The strength of your link profile can be determined by your internal linking structure. Be sure to keep an eye out for chances for internal links when publishing and creating content. 

  1. Interview Industry Thought Leaders  

If you think that interviews are only for the big leaguers, then you may be wrong as there are many people who are willing to talk to you when you just ask them. You should send out email messages requesting an interview to thought leaders in the law firm industry, and then publish the interviews on your law firm website. 

  1. Do not neglect Email Marketing 

Many businesses forget about the traditional methods as they are focused on attracting new customers with the help of content marketing. Email marketing is a very powerful tool, and a successful email blast will result in a big uptick in traffic. 

  1. Make sure your law firm website is responsive 

The days are long gone when internet browsing was exclusively done on desktops. Therefore, even if you have a basic law firm website, you would still need to ensure that it is comfortably viewable and accessible across a wide range of devices. CSS, Bootstrap can be used to make it responsive. 

  1. Make sure that your law firm website is fast 

If your law firm website takes forever to load, your bounce rate will be sky high. Make sure that your law firm website pages are as technically optimized as possible, including the functionality of 3rd party plugins, page structure, and image file sizes. 

  1. Foster a sense of community 

Individuals who want to weigh inand speak their minds on subjects they feel passionately about, so building a community into your law firm website is a great way for starting a conversation and increase traffic to your law firm website. 


So, get more clients + grow your law firm website + and become a success story = I am sure the results will be worth it. 

You should always start with coming up with a system for prioritizing marketing and facilitating growth by bringing in more number of clients. Be responsive and proactive as it will help in nurturing your client relationships. 

Takeaway Tip – Don’t be afraid for outsourcing or hiring staff members or taking advantage of technology to automate wherever you can.