How to go with the right viscosity of memory foam mattress online?

Are you thinking about replacing your old mattress with a new memory foam mattress? However, you aren’t much sure about the viscosity aspect of the memory foam mattress.

When you are searching for a memory foam mattress, one of the most critical aspect that you need to consider is the density, right? Broadly speaking, the viscosity of a mattress actually helps in knowing the overall firmness level of the mattress.

This overall measurement makes a real difference in the softness level, pressure point support, durability, and overall cost of the mattress.

Through this post, we shall be understanding some of the major aspects about the viscosity level of the memory foam mattress online.

There are three different viscosity level of the memory foam mattress available in the market. Let’s have a glimpse at each of the category available to get a better idea which one will suit you the best.

Low-viscosity memory foam mattress

Low-viscositymemory foam has a capacity of 3 pounds per cubic foot or even lesser. Such type of memory forma mattresses are usually soft, and you will sink inside the mattress more easily.

Majority of memory foam mattress manufacturers usually try to make mattresses with higher viscosity level has they are more resilient and offer reinforced support to the sleeper throughout the night time as compared to the low viscosity foam mattresses.

Nevertheless, low viscosity simply means less use of foam in the mattress. This is the reason why low viscosity memory foam mattresses are relatively budget friendly for those who don’t want to spend much on sleeping mattress.

If you don’t mind sinking inside the bed while sleeping, then definitely low viscosity memory foam mattress is good option for you.

Medium viscosity memory foam mattress

Memory-foam mattress with a viscosity level that ranges somewhere between to 5 pounds per cubic foot is considered to as medium-viscosity foam mattress.

Generally speaking, medium viscosity foam mattresses are a perfect fusion of desired comfort, better lifespan, and good pressure point support. All this you can get without burning a hole in your pocket. While this type of foam mattress isn’t soft at all, but you will still sink into the mattresses without much confrontation.

These mattresses don’t provide the desired level of support as compared to the high-viscosity foam, but they are still considered to be a good pick for an average sleeper.

If you haven’t tried a memory foam mattress so far and new to this type of mattress, then definitely going with the medium viscosity foam mattress will be a good start for you.

High viscosity memory foam mattress

Anything that comes around 6 pounds per cubic foot or more is known as high-viscosity memory foam.

This type of mattress online offers optimal support and back alignment. These are relatively a bit expensive but do come with more than 20 to 25 years of lifespan, which is definitely a quite longer duration of time. It forms your body contour and relives your back pain to a great extent.

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