How to Give Clothes to Charity and Boost Storage Space?

Looking to help charity and get some wardrobe space back? It’s time to donate! Here’s how…

If there is one easy way to get more space in your wardrobe and helping out charity, it is by donating your clothes. It’s a really great thing to do all round, and it even stops your clothes going to landfill for better vibes for the planet. 

If you’ve been wondering which clothes to choose, how to prepare and give those items to charity, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at how to give clothes to charity whilst boosting your storage space:


To boost your chance of getting this decluttering done, it is important to understand why donating clothes to charity is such a good thing to do:

Storage Space

Whether you are clearing out your cheap self storage unit, wardrobe or spare room, you gain storage space by clearing out excess items, which is great. That means, for one thing, that you can save money renting a smaller storage unit – don’t forget to compare self storage prices to see how much you could save – nothing like a little financial incentive.

The Environment

Disposable fashion has caused a real impact by increasing the amount going to landfill, and contributing to manufacturing outputs that impact the environment. Donating your clothes rather than throwing them away helps lesson your individual impact. 

The Charity

The charity greatly benefits from the clothes you donate which they can sell to boost their cash flow. Choosing a charity close to your heart to donate to will help further inspire you to make the donation.

The People

Lots of people love charity shops because of the low-cost clothing that can bring all kinds of surprises and exciting finds.


Now you are inspired, it is time to sort through your things for donation. It isn’t as easy as it might seem. Charities actually get a lot of unusable donations that they have to then pay to dispose of. So, as a primary concern, the clothes you choose should be in great condition. They should be items you would choose to pay money for. No holey leggings, no stained jumpers, no worn-down shoes. The clothes should be in great condition. 

In addition, the clothes need to be clean. If they have been in your wardrobe or cheap self-storage unit for a while, they might be a little bit fusty. Give them a clean and check they don’t have any damage. 

Once the items are sorted and clean you should place the items in bags or boxes, depending on how you plan to donate. Label the box or bag if necessary, so that it doesn’t get left and forgotten about. Ideally, you will take it straight to charity so it doesn’t take up space in your home. 

If you haven’t done this in a while you should notice a lot more space in your wardrobe or self-storage unit. This will be great for your levels of organisation and you might even be able to reduce the size of your storage unit.

Donate Today, For More Storage Space and A Better World

As you have read above, there are lots of great reasons to donate to charity. If your clothes donating has been great for you, why not look at decluttering the rest of your house? You could make even more space, all whilst benefiting charity.


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