How to get your Retirement Visa Easily in the UAE?

Dubai offers a lifestyle that is very dissimilar from what ex-pats may be accustomed to. However, there are many explanations for why it would be appealing.

Due to its connection to the oil industry, Dubai has developed into a modern city. Over the past 30 years, it has experienced tremendous growth, which has sparked a boom in infrastructure. It emphasizes practical amenities, high-quality living, and convenience. So, what does it have in store for foreign retirees?

How to request the Retirement Visa

You must submit an online application via Dubai’s tourism website to obtain a Dubai retirement visa. To apply, send an email and make a payment. Once these steps are complete, your application will be examined and handled. If you are successful, you will be issued a visa.

The eligibility requirements are the same as for other retirement visa programs. At least 55 years of age is required, and you must meet one of the following four requirements:

1. Have a 3-year fixed deposit account with AED 1 million (roughly £200,000/$275,000) in savings.

2. Possess real estate worth AED 2 million ($550,000/£394,000) in Dubai that is not mortgaged.

3. A combination of choices 2 and 3 with assets totaling AED 2 million, distributed between unmortgaged real estate and a savings account with a 3-year fixed deposit.

How to submit the Retirement visa

1. Send your application to All necessary supporting materials must be submitted with the application (copy of passport, marriage certificate, proof of savings, property deed, etc.). As previously stated, all letters must be translated into Arabic and certified by the UAE embassy in your nation. This means they must confirm your application by signing it.

2. Upon receipt of your paperwork, you’ll receive a link to a payment location. You pay the £18 application fee per person.

3. The immigration division of Dubai will then review your application. They will contact you if they require any additional evidence. Your application is forwarded to one of two departments after the initial evaluation. For applications involving income and savings, it will either be the General Affairs Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affair the Dubai Land Department.

4. Regarding your application, these departments get in touch with you directly. If you are accepted, the final steps of the visa process include a medical examination.

There isn’t much left to do after setting up the initial paperwork. Additionally, processing doesn’t take very long. The assessment process, after initial confirmation, may take up to 15 working days, according to Dubai’s tourism website.

Final Words

No matter your age, visiting the United Arab Emirates is becoming more and more popular. Additionally, the UAE is making efforts to position itself as one of the top locations for retirees from abroad. It’s an alluring possibility due to the absence of income tax and comparable cost of living.

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