How to get the PR visa Canada?

The PR visa Canada, is useful for those who want to be in this country for a very long time. This visa is given to people with exceptional talent and skills.  There has been so much of help which is available to those who want to get this visa. This PR visa Canada, is granted when you have been approved for the same as per the permanent residency programs of this country. The permanent residency programs which are applicable as per the, Canada PR visa scheme include the Express Entry or the, provincial nomination programs. These provincial nomination programs include those programs which have been implemented by various provinces in Canada.

The candidates are made aware about the various PR visa of Canada programs through the consultants like us. It helps them in achieving results through any of the various kinds of immigration programs that actually exist. So, they can choose whichever is better for them. Now, Express Entry does not have much scope for those who don’t have either excellent English levels or have got employment in Canada. It is also possible for people to have employment in this country, when they have applied for PR here. Express Entry recognizes people when they have the ideal job skills. So, after they have applied for the program of Express Entry, they can apply to the job bank of this country, which is a simple database of resumes accessible by Canadian employers. After a candidate has been shortlisted by any employer through the job bank, he has better chances of getting the invitation to apply for Canada.

More about Express Entry

The country of Canada, only accepts people when it sees the right attributes in them. It only gives points, once they are of the apt age. So, candidates who are between 20-29 years, can get the highest points and the lowest points are given for the age of 44 years. After that age, candidates who apply for Canada PR have a serious drawback.

Express Entry is a selective system which helps people, get the Canadian PR and shortlists the best candidates for Canada at the same time. So, candidates have to meet several of the criteria which have been set forth by the government here.

 The candidates apart from the essential criteria of age, experience, education have to be well versed in either the English or the French language. So, if you want to go to Canada, you should know English well, and you have to work hard towards polishing your skills of this language if you feel you lack somewhere. You can appear for the practice tests of the English language. These tests have been mandated by the Canadian government to test your knowledge of the English language.

Difference between PNP and Express Entry

Canada resident visa for PR is also available to those candidates who have the jobs in specific provinces or have experience in some extremely specialized occupation.

This kind of requirement for the Canada resident visa exists for the specific PNP programs. However, although Express Entry programs recognize those candidates  having a job in Canada, it does select candidates without jobs in this country too.

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