How To Get The Most Out Of Your Social Media Profile

We are living in 2013 and we are more socially connected than our ancestors. Today, you name it, everything is somehow connected to this

 and its influence can be felt everywhere

I won’t be called wrong if I say it the pulse of our society

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare etc. are the common words we hear everyday

We know that social media affects our life directly or indirectly but are we getting the most out of it?

I mean that, How can we get noticed among those million users and how we can get the maximum returns, benefits from this tool

By the end

Don’t try to be someone else

Of this article you’ll get the answer to this question so let us have a look at all the points one by one without wasting one more second

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Your profile belongs to you; you own it so it should contain information about you and only you.

By your information I mean it should contain everything about you but with all your details you need to focus on only one topic, niche or profession you won’t see the impact of this trip but for people who visit your profile will be affected by your profile.

If you are a blogger then your profile should be all about you and blogging.

If you have a profile focused on a specific niche then your profile will be more attracting to the people who visit, this will increase their chances to click on the follow button.

Connect with people as your ancestors used to do

We use social networking sites to connect with people online; our ancestors didn’t have such facilities

We just switch on our computer, connect to the internet, open our browser, login to our favorite social site and talk to people

Our ancestors used to go their friend’s house or fix up a meet in a nearby restaurant sometimes they also used to go to public meet-ups to connect with more people and this is what you should do to make new connections

You connect with 100 new people, 90 out of them use social networking sites so at the end of the day you made 90 new connections on social media

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Connect with like-minded people

Firstly, this will make your internet life a bit simpler and interactive and you will get better results

let me elaborate this point, If you share something on your wall related to banking then most of the people that will like or comment on your post will be related to banking field and hence you will either end of starting a debate in that post (if the content can be used as a debate topic) or people will believe that you know what you are talking about and they will start respecting you

But these people will only be the ones who knew about your topic, other people who don’t know about it will simple ignore your post and keep on scrolling

So just have a look at their profiles properly before your click on the follow or add button and always remember, follow them because you liked them not just because you want them to follow you back

Only give, don’t take

You are sharing stuff online, so the stuff you share should be useful for your fans in someway

You need to provide them really good information or more better the answers to their questions

When you share something don’t expect that you will get likes or comments your job is to share useful content, if you fans like it they will automatically like them and your fans will like them if they find it useful

90% of your fans don’t want to know what you had for lunch or what are watching on TV all they need is something which can be useful for them

And if you have trouble creating this useful content then try out one more way, create funny content

Yeah, jokes and funny stories are known to bring more likes or retweets.

Think before you post

You might be having lots of fans and followers, means whatever you share will be seen by a lot of people

But what if the post you just shared was something controversial or hurting, you will create a bad image among your readers and even if you hit the delete button later you will not be able to protect that post from the public’s eye, a few of them might have seen it before you deleted and you just lost a valuable fan

That is the reason social media experts say that think before you post, some issues cannot be solved even when you delete one such post

Use proper English

You don’t want to show your fans that you don’t know English, and no one loves reading posts which contain a lot of grammatical mistakes and you don’t want that people should hate you or your content

You it is surely advisable to focus on the grammar to make you look more professional not stupid, if you are weak in English and it is not your first language you can use spell checkers in MS word or any other online spell checker to just post the perfect piece of content

Have your own opinion

Debates and discussions are a vital part of the life on social networking sites where you keep your opinion. Now that will sound extreme stupidity if you don’t have your own opinion. Copying from other won’t work in this case

When you are a part of any discussion or debate on any social networking site your job is to present your own point and give your feedback on other’s points and always remember

Debate, don’t deride

When you do so people will again form a positive image (that guy knows what he is talking about) about you and you will get better returns in the future because of that better image

Have Fun and keep creating content

Out of all those reasons you are using social media one sure reason is to have fun, everyone loves having fun on these sites and it seems obvious but sometimes you may lose that feeling of having fun and this might have a drastic end

Apart from having fun you should also create content and more and more content at proper intervals of time

Because the reason people are following you is because of the content you create and if you don’t create content of if you create it just in one shot chances are you will miss all those fans and followers you have gained in the recent past


Social media drives our lives today so it is really important to use if effectively in order to get more benefits from this tool, the above points will help you make your profile more attractive and the more attractive your profile is the more fans and followers you will be able to gain.

So go on and try implementing all these tips today to see guaranteed results in your social interactions

Human beings are social animals, our job is to connect with people and share stuff that is useful