How to Get the Most Cash for Your Junk Vehicle?

So your junk car has been sitting in your driveway for years, taking up space and it doesn’t even start. Or you have a used car you want to get rid of to have some money to buy a new car. No matter the condition, you can get cash for your car! Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because your car doesn’t start that it isn’t worth any money.  Below are some tips to get the most cash for your junk car. 

Know the Condition

No matter the condition of your car – you can get money for it. If your car is still running, you can check Kelley Blue Book to find out its value. If your car has been standing in your driveway and is a junk car- there may still be working parts in it. You can sell these parts before you junk the car. The battery, tires, or stereo are examples of parts that may still be salvageable and that you may be able to sell. 

Also, make sure to use all the gas in your car before you get cash for your car. The junkyard has no use for the gas and will most likely just dump it anyway. If your car is drivable, get the most out of it before you sell it for cash. 

Have the Title Ready

Your title is proof you own the car. You need to make sure to have the title ready to transfer ownership to the junkyard for cash. You own the car so you are still liable for it. Make sure to have your photo ID available with you as well.

Remove Plates

Remove the license plates from your car. Some states require you to return the plates. If not, the plates are still associated with your name and you do not want to be liable for something you did not do. 

Call your insurance company and cancel or transfer your insurance policy to your new car. 

Sell to A Reputable Buyer

Make sure you sell your car to a reputable buyer who will give you an appropriate price for your car. eCarsCash is the best rated and most trusted car dealer by We are accredited by the New York Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. We pay 10% more than our competitors.

Ask How Much You Will Get

When you are ready to sell your car for cash – don’t be afraid to ask questions and be informed. Ask how much money you can expect to get. Ask if there is anything you can do to get more money, for example, removing the metal from the car. Go to for an instant quote on your car. 

Know the Lemon Laws

The Lemon Law protects the buyer if the car they bought is not as described. Each state has its own Lemon Laws, so make sure you know them. For example, if you buy a car and something is wrong with it that you had not been informed about, the seller is then responsible for the cost.

Make sure you know the laws in your state so you can honestly notify the about the condition of your car. 

Sign a Contract

Always sign a contract when selling a car. Contracts are put in place to protect both buyer and seller. Mention the agreed-upon price and the condition of the car in the contract and any other information you feel necessary. 

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