How To Get the Best Skin of Your Life

Do you compare yourself to models, internet celebrities and actors and wonder how your skin could ever look that good? Part of it could be professional makeup application and special lighting. However, most people who are constantly on camera are serious about skincare and have been following beneficial routines for years.

Beauty Begins on the Inside

This old saying actually means your natural goodness will show on your face. A new meaning, however, is that what you put in your body will eventually affect your skin. 

Probiotics for skin in supplement form may seem like a strange concept, but not when you understand why they’re helpful. What goes on inside your body will show up on your face. Probiotics are necessary for a healthy digestive system, which should result in clear, untroubled skin.

Another necessity for great skin is water. Find a chart online to help you decide how much water you need to drink every day for optimal health. Your organs, including your brain, need plenty of water to function properly. They will divert the available water in your body if necessary, which might mean taking it from your skin.

Drinking enough water every day will help ensure that your skin has plenty of moisture from the inside out. 

Don’t Let the Sun Ruin It

Everyone knows by now that your skin pays a huge price for a glowing summer tan. Too much sun exposure can lead to wrinkles, age spots and even cancer. Not only do we know better now, but there is advanced technology in modern sunscreens so there’s no longer a need to mask your face in thick white lotion.

Find a facial sunscreen that’s right for you and wear it every day, even in winter. Sunscreen is now lighter and can contain a moisturizer and foundation so there’s no need for multiple steps. Your future skin will thank you.

Get Rid of the Old

Exfoliation is an important step in skincare. Its purpose is to rid the skin of old skin cells and other debris that can leave skin looking dull and rough. After exfoliation, facial skin looks brighter and clearer and serums or lotions used afterward will sink right in.

In decades past, it was thought that the harsher the better as far as exfoliation went. Cleansers with ground-up peach pits and other rough particles were thought to be necessary but actually caused damage to delicate facial skin.

Now it’s recommended that everyone use a gentle daily facial cleanser but remove it with an exfoliating cloth. These clothes are actually gentle but are woven in such a way that they easily remove old cells and makeup as well as every last bubble of cleanser. 

Try a Serum

Serums are a relatively new concept and there is a formula for every type of skin. After cleansing and exfoliating, your skin is the perfect canvas for a serum. They are lightweight and sink right in and start to work.

They are the first layer in skin renewal and protection. Unless you are planning to just top the serum with sunscreen and head out, moisturizer would be the next layer. In winter you will need a heavier formula to prevent your skin’s natural moisture from being stolen away by the cold and wind.

Makeup is Optional

When your skin is looking great from proper care, there is really no need for makeup. If you want to add a little something to your look, however, get a couple of highlighting sticks. They are multi-purpose and give your skin, lips and even eyelids a little sheen and a healthy glow.

Any stray blemish can easily be cleared and hidden with a patch, not covered up with chalky makeup.

Just a few changes can do a lot to make your skin beautiful. Maybe you will even find yourself so happy with your appearance that you stop wishing for someone else’s looks.