How to Get the Best Dental Implants Types in Ontario?

Many people in this world do not have complete teeth yet they want to laugh and talk confidently. Additionally, these individuals do not follow appropriate eating habits that lead to other oral problems. These days dentistry is offering advanced teeth restoration method that is a dental implant. An implant is artificial teeth, which offers a replacement for the missing natural tooth and prevents jawbone loss. Apart from replacing a missing tooth, a dental implant allows an individual to eat and drink in a normal routine. The implant also stimulates the jawbone, preserves bone loss, and assists in supporting facial features.

Dental implants have different types and you have to find the best dental implants to replace your missing teeth. If you are not aware of the appropriate dental implants no worries, below we will explain all types of dental implants to help you find the appropriate one.


Dental implants differ in size, connectors, and coating, your dentist will evaluate your case and choose what fits your requirements. Below are different kinds of dental implants and their treatments

Endosteal (Endosseous) Implants: 

Endosteal is on the list of different kinds of dental implants and many expert dentists indicate that it is used as an alternative to dentures. Endosteal contains screw types (threaded), cylinder types (smooth), or bladed types. Although your medical officer will decide the best types of dental implants for you after a proper examination. However, the endosteal implant is an effective choice and popular in patients due to its higher success rate.


Once you are suggested for the implant, your prosthodontist will start the process by drilling into your jawbone and inserts a screw. The screw acts as an artificial root. The patient has to wait for a while so soft tissue and bone can heal. The healing process relies on the patient’s health. In some cases, it requires more than 6 months 


 Endosteal is durable and practical. That’s why it is popular amongst the patients and dentists also recommend Endosteal as it is reliable and offers natural results.

You must know that the health and bone density of the jaw matters a lot for a dental implant. This means your jawbone should be healthy enough to accommodate the implant, which the prosthodontist inserts after drilling. Therefore, you cannot opt for a dental implant if your jawbone is not wide enough because of any oral problem. In such a case you have no choice but to go for Subperiosteal Implants.

Subperiosteal Implants

Subperiosteal are rare as their purpose is to hold dentures in place. Your medical officer will insert a Subperiosteal implant into your gum tissue with the help of a metal implant that appears through the gum to hold the denture. The method is perfect for patients having insufficient bone height.


Contrary to Endosteal Implantsthe Subperiosteal implant procedure is performed in two visits and it is a short treatment plan.

Stability: The expert dentist of Ontario London explains this method is not durable, as the implant is not inserted in the jawbone. It stays on top of the jawbone and holds the dentures in its place.

Best Dental implants cost Ontario:

Above are two methods of dental implants and they differ in terms of treatment, connectors, and prices as well. Dental implants cost Ontario differs for both methods. For instance, the cost of Subperiosteal Implants ranges from $15000-$20000. On the other hand, the price for Endosteal Implants ranges from $3000-$5000. The cost of an implant depends on the case sensitivity and sometimes increases due to other procedures required before dental implants. Additionally, the cost of dental procedures varies from state to state. Therefore, you can consult with your area medical officer in case you need an implant. 

Many individuals hesitate to go for implants because of heavy costs, however, they should know that an implant is a permanent solution to their missing teeth problems. They can pay implant amounts in many other ways such as installments, health spending accounts, and insurance. In many states, the government covers implant costs. Some states offer 80% coverage in terms of medical expenses, and some companies provide health-spending accounts for covering the medical bills. Health spending account involves a dedicated amount from employee salary and the same portion from the government. The amount accumulates until the employee leaves the firm or he requires it for paying his medical bills. Moreover, he can also apply for a loan which he has to pay in form of monthly installments.