How to Get Started with Automated SMS Marketing

Your marketing strategy should be one component of your business that you dedicate a great deal of time and attention to. The way in which you present your brand and your message to the world can make a huge difference to how successful you are.

Long gone are the days when a TV advert or single print advert were enough to get your business noticed. The marketing messages of today’s modern world must be presented across multiple channels and in a number of different formats.

One of the ways in which modern-day marketers can seriously up their game is by embracing the advantages of SMS marketing.

Getting Started with SMS Marketing

Sending automated text messages through a bulk SMS service is a fantastic way to reach a wide number of consumers at the same time.

SMS messaging is one of the quickest and most effective ways to interact with customers, and this can be achieved in multiple ways.

Obtain Customer Phone Numbers

Before you can start sending text messages, you will obviously need to build a database of customer phone numbers. It is absolutely imperative that you have permission to contact these people, and you could find yourself in legal trouble if you start sending unsolicited messages.

If you are confused about the law in relation to SMS marketing, then you can read this article for further information and guidance.

Customers can choose to give you their phone numbers in a variety of ways. They may opt-in via a form on your website or social media channels, or they might have given you their phone number in the past when using your products or services.

You can also collect phone numbers in more creative ways, such as by running a competition for which people must give their phone numbers in order to participate, or by offering a free trial or demonstration of your products or services, which requires a customer’s contact details during registration.

Sending Promotional Offers

Once you have a database of customer phone numbers, which you will continue growing over time, you can then decide when you will send promotional offers.

You do not want to do this too often and run the risk of annoying the customer, but it is also important that you do not let this aspect of your marketing strategy stagnate. If a customer has given you their phone number, then it is likely that they will be happy to hear from you and that they want to continue engaging with your brand.

Make sure that any communications that you send are concise and to the point and that the customer is always aware of what action they can take as a result of receiving this message.

If a customer wishes to opt-out of receiving these messages, then make sure they are able to do so with ease.

A Professional Service

It is essential that you conduct your business in a professional way when you are reaching out to customers by SMS messaging. Ensure that your aims are clear and that your primary goal is to benefit the customer in some way. Offering a professional service with every action you take as a business is the best way to retain customers and earn new ones!