How to get rid of Varicocele Permanently in Delhi?

The formation of lumps of the veins in the testicles is varicocele. This condition can arise on one or both sides of the testes. Factors like injury, trauma, excessive straining contribute majorly in increasing the risks of development of varicocele.

The swelling and pain around the scrotal sac is disturbing and embarrassing enough for a man to get stressed out about his condition. Only a person suffering from varicocele can actually understand the hassle of dealing with the problem everyday and managing every aspect of life.

What is equally worrisome as the condition of varicocele is the stigma and a sense of hesitation surrounding such issues related to male reproductive health. Due to the fear of judgements and mockery, many men continue to suffer from varicocele without openly discussing it.

But, fortunately the scenario is changing for the better. With the advances in the medical sector, treatments for problems like varicocele are becoming common because in actual varicocele itself is a common problem that any man can face. It is only after discussing the problem with a specialist doctor, one gains confidence and comfort that he is not alone. Just like any other health issue, varicocele too is a common ailment that requires treatment.


Why is it dangerous to leave varicocele untreated?

Varicocele may not be as painful as some other problems, but it can certainly be much more serious and dangerous if left unattended. The problem has a tendency to grow worse over time and cause other fertility issues. This not only aggravates the symptoms, but can also have a number of adverse effects on the testicular and sexual functioning.

Some of the common complications associated with varicocele are:

  • Impact on fertility ( Low sperm count, reduced sperm motility and quality, adverse impacts on the sperm profile)
  • Hormonal Imbalance (Lower levels of testosterone, FSH and LH in the body)
  • Reduced sexual drive or libido
  • Impaired supply of blood to the testis and penis leading to sexual problems like erectile dysfunction
  • Shrinkage of the affected testicle, also known as testicular atrophy. This happens as the swelling due to varicocele keeps on increasing, pushing aside the testes.
  • Twisting of the testicles around the spermatic cord in rare and severe cases (Testicular torsion)
  • Azoospermia (absence of sperms in the semen) due to prolonged varicocele. It can even result in impotency.

Therefore, it is better to get varicocele treated as soon as possible. You may come across different home remedies and medications for varicocele. But they only provide symptomatic relief and do not treat the problem permanently.


The permanent cure for varicocele

For permanent treatment of varicocele, your doctor may suggest undergoing the surgical procedure called varicocelectomy. The basic principle on which varicocelectomy works is to shut off blood supply through the enlarged veins and reroute blood flow through other healthier veins.

The laparoscopy based modern surgery for varicocele is the safest and successful treatment to get permanent riddance. Unlike the conventional open surgery that involves a lot of complexities and pain, laparoscopic varicocelectomy is least invasive and painless.

In this procedure, the surgeon makes a few minor incisions in the lower abdomen and inserts a lighted laparoscope through these incisions. The doctor then visualizes the inner region and looks for swollen and enlarged scrotal veins.

The surgeon then uses certain other small pieces of equipment to cut off the swollen veins and seal their ends together. This shuts off blood supply through these veins. Due to lack of blood flow, the damaged veins collapse and eventually scar away, thereby resolving the problem of varicocele.


Benefits of laparoscopic varicocelectomy

Laparoscopic varicocelectomy is a high-precision procedure with a number of advantages. The procedure is performed under the administration of anesthesia, which makes it 100% painless.

Laparoscopic varicocelectomy is an outpatient surgery which means that you can return home on the same day and avoid any long hospital stays. Since no major cuts are made, there are nil chances of infections or complications after the procedure.

The downtime is very short and the recovery is very smooth. You’ll recover completely in less than a week with absolutely no discomforts. The success rate of laparoscopic varicocelectomy is also very high and thus it is the most reliable surgery for varicoceles.

Besides choosing the right treatment procedure, opting for the right doctor and the right hospital are also equally important to ensure a safe treatment.

This advanced treatment of varicocele is easily available in Delhi. These days, many healthcare providers in tier 1 cities like Delhi offer laparoscopic varicocelectomy. Hence, finding this treatment in Delhi is not much of a hassle.

One of the most reliable options for varicocele treatment in Delhi

If you are currently struggling with the troubles of varicocele and are looking for trustworthy specialists, you can get in touch with Pristyn Care. They are associated with some of the top varicocele specialists in Delhi and all their treatment procedures are approved by the United States Food and Drugs Administration.

In addition to providing the modern laparoscopic varicocelectomy, Pristyn Care offers a number of other benefits like insurance claims, free follow-ups and commute facility, thereby ensuring a seamless and convenient treatment experience for you.

Final Words

Varicoceles are definitely very discomforting and troublesome, but they are absolutely curable. Delaying treatment does not do any good and will only make the problem worse. So, it is better to make a wise and well-informed decision and undergo proper medical treatment of varicocele in time.

So do not endure the discomforts of varicocele any further, contact a specialist doctor and say goodbye to varicocele once and for all.

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