How to Get Rid of Black Mold?

Water damage is a serious concern because it can happen to any resident, and at any time. The degree of damage caused by this issue depends on the pro-activeness shown by the homeowners, but that again is a problem because many a time, detecting the warning signs of possible water damage isn’t easy at all. However, apart from the obvious issues that water damage brings, mold growth is perhaps a problem that’s on top of the list that’s caused by such a situation.

Make no mistake, mold can easily grow without a major water problem around the house, but it can certainly accelerate the growth of the spores which really just need water, humidity, and a food source to flourish. Black mold is perhaps the worst kind of mold that can find its way into a household, and if you find yourself coughing, sneezing, suffocating, or a combination of all three every time you enter your basement, then chances are that the building has started to foster black mold.

However, before you call an expert Mold Remediation USA company, and rightly so, it’s important to determine the severity of the situation. For that, check your basements walls and ceilings, and if you witness apparent dark black, soggy spots on these surfaces, then it’s an unfortunate sign that your property is indeed experiencing black mold growth, and you must waste no time getting in touch with an uber-professional Hoarder Clean Up USA expert.

# Steps To Get Rid Of Black Mold:-

1. Distance Yourself & Your Loved Ones:

If you really must handle it by yourself, then first keep everyone in the family away from the mold-infested surfaces and wear protective gloves and masks before you commence cleaning. That way, your body shall never come in contact with the mold spores.

2. Mend The Affected Area:

To curb mold growth, one must cut its food supply, i.e. excess moisture. If you witness mold in your basement with a damp-rich atmosphere, consider opening the windows to let some sunshine in and also use dehumidifiers to further absorb the moisture in the room.

3. Use Brushing & Disposing Technique:

You can scrub off the surface mold by grazing it away via a bristle brush. Combine dish soap + water and dip the brush in the solution first for better adhesion. After you’re done brushing & skimming away the mold, wipe it off with a damp rag that’s soaked in a solution of 50-50 water+ bleach. In the end, dispose of the brushes, rags, and all other objects that were used in the cleaning process.

4. Permanent Mold Removal via An Expert:

Black mold can slowly but surely affect the value of a property, but more importantly than that, cause severe respiratory and allergic problems to certain family members, especially children. Therefore, you shouldn’t let it thrive anywhere near your property, and must promptly call an expert right away.

Also, the aforementioned techniques will only work for a basic mold problem, but might not be enough to get rid of them permanently. Hence, instead of attempting to rescue the situation all by yourself and getting underwhelming results, it’s far more effective to contact a professional, well-renowned mold cleanup, Sewage Cleanup USA, and damage restoration expert, and we at Cleanteckpros tick all of these boxes.