How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs? Nearby Pest Control Services

Bed bugs are also excellent hitchhikers. Not only can they travel the world, but they are very good at moving from one place to another, from one room to another room, or from that used furniture that they picked up at a garage sale to the rest of their home.

Bed bugs feed mostly at night when the person is asleep. The bites cause small, hard, swollen skin rashes that can become inflamed and itch severely. There are five youth stages that lead to adult bed bugs. Adults are approximately 6 mm long, reddish-brown with juveniles (nymphs) similarly but lighter in colour and smaller. The eggs are approximately 1 mm long, white to cream and low pear-shaped. You can not see them and they are not always obvious so Pest Inspection companies try to find them. 

The most effective way for pest control in your home is through a combination of chemical measures and heat treatments applied by a pest control professional (PCP).

Controlling bed bugs is only very difficult and time-consuming. It involves moving furniture, household items, and personal items. So, plan how you want to treat each room or call a Pest Control Service nearby you.

Common Bedbug

Where Can The Bed Bugs Hide?

Bed bugs prefer to hide in cracks and crevices during the day and go out at night to feed on their victims. So, the blood meal lasts three to five minutes and the victim usually goes unnoticed; as the person is asleep! After feeding, the bite can become inflamed and itch severely in sensitive people. In extreme cases, there may be a severe allergic reaction that requires urgent medical treatment.

The cryptic nature of bed bugs and their ability to hide in small inaccessible spaces means that they will be protected from pesticides unless they are fully and correctly applied. Pesticides do not affect the Eggs. Both features have significant implications for treatment. You can also read our blog on How to Control Pests in your Pets?

Diff Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

  • Irritated skin and irritation caused by bites.
  • Shed skins and bed bug faeces in refuge areas.
  • Bloodstains on the bed, the mattress, the base, walls and furniture.

Bed Bug Treatment Program like:

  • Inspection of the premises, room by room
  • Treatment of the affected rooms
  • Follow up inspection of treated areas

The first essential step in the management of bed bugs is the identification of pests and determining the extent and level of infestation. Site inspection is crucial. When this is known, the 7 Days Pest Control affordable pest control technician can evaluate the treatment options and the time needed for the treatment.

After inspection and before treatment, washing the affected surfaces with bloodstains not only improves the appearance but also allows for a follow-up inspection with greater confidence. In extreme cases, it may be better to discard the mattress; we recommend to burn or dump, making sure that there will be no infestation to other items. Take Care when moving the affected items; it is recommended to seal them in plastic bags before they leave the room. Bedding should be washed in hot water followed by a hot dryer. Sensitive materials can be placed in a freezer, allowing enough time for the entire volume of the item to reach the freezer temperature.

Don’t waste your money and risk accepting cheap remedies. Call the nearby Pest Control Company in Brisbane professionals and get good service.