How to get promoted in the service?

TikTok beats all record figures for the number of active audience. So, at the end of 2018, it amounted to more than 800 million people. Probably, even such social networks as Instagram and Facebook never dreamed of these numbers. Many attribute this to the active promotion of the application. However, Tik Tok has certain characteristics that attract young people so much.


Features of Tik Tok

  1. Content virality. Almost all activity in the application is built on the principle of viral content, and therefore extremely quickly gains popularity and develops into flash mobs. This makes it easy and fast to progress. Or you can just buy TikTok likes and quickly move into the best videos.
  2. Own database of tracks. Users get free access to a huge database of musical works. This opens up unlimited possibilities for the flight of imagination and the creation of creative content.
  3. Vivid visual component. The popularity of an account depends only on the level of creativity of its owner, here you can not even write or say anything.
  4. Convenient video editor. You can edit videos directly in the application, which greatly simplifies the work. Masks, filters and various visual effects are available to users. You can also use the roller splicing tools.


Advertising formats

You can officially advertise in the service from 2019. There are currently 4 formats available.


  • Brand Takeover. This is a banner in the form of a gif or short video that pops up after entering the service. On it you can place a link to your account or a third-party site, as well as download the application from the Play Market or App Store.
  • In-feed Native Video. Native advertising that the user sees while scrolling the feed. As a rule, this is a standard 15-second video, which does not fundamentally differ from the general content.
  • Hashtag Challenge. One of the most effective promotion methods. It is based on holding creative challenges under a special hashtag. As a rule, it is launched by stars, well-promoted brands or bloggers according to a strategy previously agreed with the customer.
  • Another way to promote is branded stickers and masks. Using this interactive element, you can quickly gain audience loyalty.
  • To competently study the interests of potential customers before starting promotion (on social networks, using SEO or contextual advertising), use the SEOquick utility for clustering the semantic core.


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How to get promoted in Tik Tok?

  • Create lightweight, viral entertainment content. Serious videos don’t go well here and get fewer views. Tik Tok is, first of all, fun, drive and positive.
  • Take seriously the quality of shooting and editing videos, despite their short time. Shoot video in good resolution, keep your camera clean. Make the most of your creative effects.
  • Think about how to adapt your product to the interests of young people. For example, clothing manufacturers can film hilarious dancing models in a new collection. And florists – to publish the transformations of bouquets.
  • Organize interactive challenges, attract bloggers to whom your target audience is loyal, arrange joint activities.




Tik Tok is one of the most popular apps, which bypassed Instagram in the number of downloads in mid-2018.


A service that is visited by more than 850 million people monthly.


The main content in TikTok is short dynamic clips.


The flight of imagination is unlimited, as a large number of masks, music tracks and beauty effects are available, which allows the blogger to realize creative ideas.


Special algorithms of the application allow beginners to quickly gain millions of views.


Currently, the social network is focused mainly on young people.


However, thanks to the unification of all popular content formats, wide multimedia potential and a competent algorithm that allows you to quickly gain millions of views, TikTok is beginning to be actively interested in popular brands.


So, Guess, McDonalds, Sberbank, Yula and L’Oreal are already represented on this social network.


It is recommended to start promoting your account on Tik Tok today, while the competition here is noticeably lower than on Instagram.