How to get paid course for free?

With the demand of the digital market, most people want to learn about it. This market has a great potential to provide income sources to a vast number of people. The main task is to learn about skills in which you are interested.

There are multiple platforms available in the market from which you can learn. Most of them are providing services of paid courses. Many learners cannot pay that fee and, in turn, cannot compete with the world. For such people, there are some ways to get paid courses for free.

If you are looking to download the paid courses without investing money, stick with us until the end. We will discuss some methods that will be perfect for you. I hope you already know about too many methods for download free udemy course because it’s too easy, just use idm and other download managers when you enroll in the free courses which are provided by udemy free of cost for everyone.

Get paid courses for free

There are multiple ways to fulfill this task. Most of them are not reliable because they might harm your device. To avoid such conditions and keep your data safe, you must get an appropriate method for this task.

Download Paid Udemy Courses

If you want to download udemy paid courses 100% free with very easy method then you just need to visit course catalog. Its provide all udemy paid courses free for everyone without signup and login. You just need to open site and start downloading with just a single click without spam and adult ads. Its highly recommend site by to many famous developer, designer, SEO expert and others who polish own skills by taking udemy paid courses from course catalog.

By using Coupons

A massive list of platforms is providing paid courses. Some websites and platforms have affiliations with those platforms for their particular users. Further, the platforms have a specific way to give their users a discount directly without affiliations.

To make their visitors reliable, they are providing coupon facilities. Coupons are not only used to get a discount of 25-50%, but you can use them for further discounts. There are many paid courses for free on every platform with the availability of coupons.

A learner will only have to visit the website and look for the related coupons. For every course, there will be a lot of coupons available for every user. You only have to check whether your coupons are providing a 100% discount or not. It will tell you either you are going to pay something or just going to watch videos.

For example, if you are talking about Udemy, the biggest online learning platform, you would get Udemy coupons. For these coupons, you can easily visit multiple web browsers available on the internet. In the same way, you would have to get coupons related to your concerned platform.

It is the most reliable process to get any paid course for free. You would not have to worry about the content quality or security of your data. The platform will not provide you complete access to the course with the help of coupons. So, you can learn skills without investing a single penny.

Direct Download

There is no platform on the internet from where you will get their paid courses for free. You always have to pay them for gaining access to the course and download the content. Without payment processing, it will be impossible to get access.

But some other platforms are available on the internet from where you can get such courses for free. Such platforms have bought those courses or got subscriptions for them. Now, they are giving you access to download those paid courses for free.

In this process, you would have to browse such platforms and search for your course. When you have found it, open it. You will get content details about that particular course. If the content is related to your skills, you only have to download it.

Some platforms will give you access via Google drive, while some others provide direct download. So, you can do any of these tasks and get your course on your device. With this process, you will be able to watch the paid courses for free at any time.

There will be no restrictions related to the internet or time when you have got them. Many people use this method too because they want comfort during the learning process. You can also adopt this method and get paid courses freely.

The only drawback of this method is that it may be harmful to your device. When you are downloading them, any corrupted file will also be downloaded with the entire course. In this way, it may harm your device and data as well. So, you should be careful while using this method for getting free courses.


The two methods mentioned above are mostly used to get paid courses for free. With these processes, you will be able to download your course quickly. A learner can watch these courses at any time of his life and learn about them.

The only thing you have to keep in view is security. For this, you would choose the reliable and authentic platform for getting these courses. On such platforms, there are few chances of downloading corrupted files.