How to Get More Views on Your Instagram Stories

The Story feature on Instagram was added late and was completely copied from Snapchat. It was quickly accepted by users and was used by marketers as well as other users to promote their marketing and engage existing followers in certain activities. Currently, stories are being used by 70% of businesses in the US and its uses are increasing day by day. So, let’s learn about some of the most powerful strategies that will help you to grow your account and get more views on your stories.

Creativity always wins

To convert loyal followers into long-term Instagram Story subscribers, get your content creative. Instagram stories were created to overtake contestant Snapchat. It focuses on shots and videos openly. When creating content for Instagram stories, you have to treat the post like a normal feed post. Change the dimensions and make sure to have well-directed and edited positions.

Post content continuously

So, how often do you post on Instagram Stories? If you are an active Instagram user and post more often than others, your account will grow more. On the other hand, if you don’t post often, it will reduce your Instagram’s ability to get stories to viewers.

Make a pole

Have you ever wondered what your audience thinks about your content? Certainly, you will not have a clear cut answer. For this, you have to ask them. Take a survey and ask the audience questions about your content. Put this on Instagram Stories because you are allowed to post on stories and wait for audience reactions.

Tag location

Are you looking for more followers from the areas around you? It does not matter whether you are an influential person on Instagram or someone who has just started a business, be sure to tag locations in Instagram Stories because it can be an amazing thing that can increase views, sales and followers .

  1. Variety of content on stories

You can post a variety of content on Instagram such as photos, videos, boomerangs, stickers, effect polls, and places to Buy Instagram followers in India. Content must be user-oriented and engaging in order for the user to get their perspective on their story. It also depends on the type of followers, their tastes, likes / dislikes and other personality traits. You should try content that directly hits user views.

  1. Use Stickers

Stickers can be an effective tool to attract user attention and add more views to your story. There are also pole stickers where any follower can reply according to their thinking. These stories are often seen and get more scenes.

It also includes a countdown sticker where a fixed threshold is given for any occasion or upcoming event, this is another good way to engage followers and get your thoughts on your story. In addition, the slider can also be used to interact with the user and promote your story. You can ask any question and use the slider to get a fast, visual answer from your followers.

  1. Break the news

People watch any recent news or content without telling it. So, be a news breaker or reveal some new content to get user attention and increase your views. It can be related to anyone, it can be politics, sports, religion and entertainment.

  1. Discounts and Promotions

Another way to get views and comments on Instagram is for the user to announce discounts and giveaways. Followers will be attracted to the story to get their discount. Use this strategy to Buy Instagram followers Malaysia and give them some discounts on well-known brands or gifts. It is mostly used by shopping brands and many other companies that provide some services to customers.

  1. Use the hashtag

Hashtags are very important on Instagram Stories, as they can enhance your brand experience and help you reach more people. Hashtags are only accessible as stickers or as texts written by themselves on the photo. You can use a hashtag generator to get the right hashtag for your story according to the trend. Every user should be selective in using the hashtag according to their followers. The right hashtag enhances the story and enhances user interaction in the story. Various brands use hashtags to promote their products through Instagram Story.

  1. Highlight Your Best Stories

You can save any story that you need to always maintain so that your audience can watch it at any time. Usually Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours when they are posted. You can reveal your best stories so that any new user who comes to your profile will definitely follow these stories.