How to Get More Tips as Lyft Driver

If you’re trying to make money driving for Lyft, you might think the best thing to do is to get a lot of passengers. But there are many other ways to earn extra money for your drive-time, and some of them don’t even involve driving! 

Many passengers are either too shy to tip, or simply don’t see the value in it. To help you out, we’ve put together a quick guide so you can increase your value as a Lyft driver, and improve your passengers’ experience so much that they can’t help but to leave you a little extra cash. 

  1. Be kind 

From the moment your passenger confirms a ride and sees your face on their app, they’ve already begun to make judgments about the quality of your service. Make sure that you have a high quality and friendly photo on your Lyft profile, so people can see just how great you are right from the beginning. 

As soon as they open your car door, make sure to greet them by their first name (which you can see on your driver’s app), and with a smile. Getting things started on the right foot is the best way to ensure your passengers have a great experience —which is likely to translate into a tip when it’s all finished. 

  1. Keep your car clean 

Another thing Lyft passengers look out for is cleanliness —especially during this period. Make sure your car is always clean. Nobody wants to pay extra for a ride in the halfway-messy back seat of your daily driver, especially not if it smells. 

It’s a good idea to spray a high quality air freshener in between rides, and disinfect seats, doors, and handles regularly. Vacuum often, and never smoke in your car. The smell of smoke is a tip-repellent for Lyft drivers. 

  1. Drive like a pro 

If you’re paying to have someone else taxi you around the city, you would want them to drive safely, right? While timeliness and punctuality are important factors for many passengers, most just want to make it to their destination without fear of getting caught up in an accident. 

Make sure you follow traffic laws, and drive smoothly. Passengers always appreciate being cared for, and will tip accordingly. 

If you’re ever involved in a ride-share accident, make sure you learn how to deal with the potential fallout. To learn more about what you can do to protect yourself, take a look at this article

  1. Play relaxing music 

Whether it’s smooth jazz, soft meditative instrumentals, or classical music, make sure that whatever is playing when your passenger enters the car is easy on their ears. 

Providing a calm and relaxing environment with music for your passengers will influence their decision to tip whether they consciously realize it or not. 

It’s always a good idea to either take requests, or offer an auxiliary cable they can use to play their own music as well. 

  1. Don’t get lost

You might know every route in your city, but unless you’ve worked as a delivery driver for years, there’s a good chance you can end up making a wrong turn —which will cost you time, and lose your tip. 

Make sure you always use a GPS while driving for Lyft, but make sure you have a Bluetooth earpiece in. Nobody wants to listen to GPS directions. 

  1. Know how to find a bathroom

If you really want to make more tips as a Lyft driver, you need to be willing to go above and beyond for your passengers. Nothing says, “above and beyond,” like being able to help out your passengers in a bathroom emergency. 

Parents with kids will almost always appreciate a complimentary bathroom stop, especially if you know one off the top of your head!

  1. Ask your passengers about themselves 

When you’re driving your passengers to their destination, it’s sometimes a good idea to ask them about themselves. Everyone likes to talk about themselves, so make sure to get them going, and they’re sure to enjoy the ride.

Not everyone likes to talk during their rides though. Read the conversation, and if they seem like they’d rather sit in silence or listen to music, make it happen for them. Some passengers will tip just because you didn’t try to have a conversation with them! 


Driving for Lyft can be a rewarding experience, and if you follow this guide we think you’ll be making more tips in no time! 


TBN Editor

Time Business News Editor Team