How To Get More Customer For Selling The Cemeteries

If you’ve ever fantasized about getting rich quickly, this might be just the opportunity for you. Okay, so it may not come without some effort, but it does at least provide a fresh perspective on the ‘life after death.

Currently, مدافن للبيع are 40 cemeteries in North Carolina, including Green River Cemetery in Asheboro and McFadyen Cemetery in Dobson. The asking price: $30,800.

The big attraction? Well, you’ll own a piece of history. For starters, these cemeteries are the final resting places for Civil War veterans who fought for their cause. Then there’s the charm of country life and much more to discover. To get a better idea of what’s on offer, let’s take a look at one cemetery in particular: McFadden Cemetery, located about 50 miles north of Winston-Salem.

The streets of this country village are lined only with residents; the property remains in its natural state, which includes a number of excellent and expansive gardens. There are over 1,000 graves here. You’ll find veterans, grandsons and grandchildren buried here – including some members of the Polk family that once owned more than 100 slaves. A column commemorating Keydell Brown, the community’s first black mayor, dates back to 1900 and stands to your right as you walk into the cemetery.

McFadden Cemetery is a good example of the kind of cemeteries you’ll find for sale in North Carolina. There’s plenty of history here and you’ll never tire of taking a look around. The cemetery sells at $15 per lot – which is a little more than $2,000 – and people do buy lots to build their own family plots.

The website seems to have been created specifically to cater for the North Carolina market, with a focus on that particular state’s cemeteries. It’s part of a larger business concern that has been in the cemetery business since 1996. The company was founded by two brothers from New Jersey, who were able to experience the romance of country life for themselves as they made their way through the South.

The site gives a good description of the towns, counties, and Cemeteries for sale         

Including the following:

· “Wilson County has 33 cemeteries listed for sale. Cornelius Methodist Church Cemetery is said to be the most beautiful cemetery in Nashville and boasts 5 acres of forest. The cemetery is bordered by a stream running through it and features some very old trees.”

· “Pitt County has 205 cemeteries listed for sale.

– Shiloh Methodist Church Cemetery was established in 1722 and is a historical treasure. Originally there were two church buildings on the site, each with a cemetery. The white church burned down in 1921. Today, the cemetery is well maintained and features many southern live oak trees.”

· “Richmond County has 62 cemeteries listed for sale. Nigg’s Hill Cemetery in Rockingham is the largest rural African-American cemetery in the state of North Carolina.

– Nigg’s Hill Cemetery was established in 1887 after a white school teacher, W.E. Nigg, helped convince local African Americans that they should have their own cemetery.”

· “Orange County has 70 cemeteries for sale. Weymouth Cemetery is located in Hillsborough and features 8 acres of land with beautiful trees and a creek running through it.