How to get EMI financing for healthcare 100% online from the comfort of your home?

According to an alarming report, the considerable medical expenses in India pushed more than 55 million individuals into poverty, in just a year. Such data highlights that most people in India are critically underprepared to deal with healthcare emergencies. 

The out-of-pocket healthcare expenses in India is one of the highest as the majority of the populace do not have an insurance policy or have one that offers minimum coverage. Since bearing such a considerable sum at once can take its toll on your financial well-being, you need to look for alternative solutions.

A health card is just what you may require in such a situation. It can reduce your financial burden severely by converting your medical bills into EMIs.

How can EMI health cards ensure financial well-being?

Hospitalisation and treatment, as a whole, are increasingly becoming more expensive with each passing day. At such a time, requiring medical attention and hospitalisation can quickly exhaust all your savings. 

To prevent this from happening, one can opt for an EMI health card. With it, a user can defer immediate financial liabilities, instead, converting their bills into monthly instalments. Additionally, with an entirely online application and approval process, applicants can start benefiting from the various features of the card in minutes.

Apart from the EMI facility, such a health card also comes with a host of other features, which can help cardholders seek treatment without delay or strain.

Why must you opt for an EMI health card?

A health EMI network card is a practical financial investment to secure yourself against unplanned medical expenses. An individual can look forward to avail the following benefits from such a card –

  • Completely online application process

Potential EMI health card holders should know that they can complete the entire application process from the comfort of their home. One need only follow a streamlined procedure to complete their application for such a card. During application, an individual can also check his/her pre-approved limit on the card.

  • Easy to meet eligibility

Any individual who is an active member of Bajaj Finserv’s EMI Network can avail this health card as well. 

If you already hold an EMI card, you can go ahead and apply for this health card as well. You do not need to worry about fulfilling additional criteria to acquire the same.

  • Instant approval for existing members

Existing EMI Network members can take advantage of the instant approval facility on such cards. Faster approvals are critical in this case since delays can mean the difference between life and death. With the approved limit in your pockets, you can spend freely on required therapies and treatments without worrying about a shortage of funds.

  • An impressive network of hospitals and pharmacies

NBFCs maintain a large network, which includes several reputed names in the Indian medical community. Thus, if you seek treatment at one of these places, you can directly swipe the card at the billing desk to clear all dues. With 5500+ network nursing homes and hospitals in the country, an individual is never too far away from such a facility.

Apart from hospitals, cardholders can also seek assistance from network pharmacies, clinics, and diagnostic centres to reduce financial liability further.

  • Wide variety of treatment supported

Cardholders can use the pre-approved limit on their cards to fund a wide range of treatments and procedures, which include the following – 

  • Diagnostic care.
  • General surgery.
  • Cardiac surgery.
  • Pulmonology.
  • Maternity care.
  • IVF treatment.
  • Oncology care.
  • Hair transplantation procedures.
  • ENT treatment.
  • Dental care.
  • Skincare procedures.

The list above represents only some of the many treatment procedures that the health card can finance.

  • High pre-approved limit

The pre-approved limit determines how much a cardholder can spend using the same. The amount available is decided based on the limit on your other EMI cards. 

Nevertheless, you can avail up to Rs.4 lakh as a pre-approved limit on such a card, thereby ensuring sufficient funds for most treatment procedures.

  • One card for a family

Maintaining separate cards for each family member can be difficult and expensive. Thus, NBFCs bring a facility whereby each card can be used by the cardholder and his or her immediate family members. 

When you opt for this card, your spouse, kids, parents and siblings can also take advantage of all its benefits.Easy to meet health card eligibility, along with nominal fees, makes these indispensable for individuals today. Moreover, one can apply for this card online to reduce hassle, also ensuring speedy approval. Utilise a repayment tenor of up to 24 months, which is ample time to clear all medical bills.