How To Get Clients Excited About Link Building?

Clients Excited About Link Building


Do you want to entertain your customers? Would you like to talk to them about link building? Your customers can receive different emails from different link builders every day. This can include positive or negative comments. 


To properly organize yourself and your work, and to make happy for your customers, you should definitely have your own backlink system. Of course, the reporting system varies from client to client. This reporting method varies from client to client based on two key facts.


your client: In fact, a lot of data is unnecessary for the clients, and all they need to see is that you are doing your work as agreed. 


the task itself: With a client who only needs a minor blog comment links, there is no need to waste time on very detailed reporting.


Specializing in on-page SEO

On-site SEO can be offered to business owners about link building. This may lead to some greater results. We can audit our clients’ sites and gradually work on their metadata and on-site content. There is also a problem with doing this on-page. You ignore the off-site ranking signals. By ignoring off-site factors, you create an impression for clients that everything can only achieve on-site efforts. But the fact is that links are very important.


Essential link report elements should always look like this:

  • the direct link to the linking page,
  • the date when the link was added,
  • the anchor text,
  • nofollow attribute or image link is essential flags.

There are optional but still important elements:

  • Linking page SEO evaluation: Google PR; backlinks, etc.
  • linking domain SEO evaluation: domain age, domain backlinks, etc 
  • link type – content, sidebar, sitewide, comment, etc.

Bad past experiences

Introducing link building despite bad past experiences. If you have worked with companies that have been actively pursuing organic traffic for over three years, you may have stumbled across clients who have burnt in the past. 


Misdirected the wrong path time and time again, resulting in penalization. It also loses confidence in SEO, in particular, link building. Repeating this notion is not easy. You are showing results through organic traffic snapshots and rankings. If your client hasn’t been burnt in the past, and have reached the ceiling with SEO efforts with your on-page, then it is not that difficult.


One of the best ways to access the link building is to call your client. Studying the backlink profiles of competitors who have the best places for the desired keywords may help you the most. 


Using some creative approach: 

Some link developers create their own scoring system. Thus reflecting the value of the link. You can also use a ‘co-citation’ metric that includes the evaluation of constant competitors. 


Here are some tricks you can use to make your clients happy.


Let your clients see your work process in real-time. You can publish the document online and give the client a direct link. This way he can access the report whenever and whatever it is done. 


Make your report easy to read and clearly organized. A good report is simple, clutter-free and contains only essential information.


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