How To Get Cheap Business Class Tickets To Europe And Not To Go Bankrupt?

Well, we all know that business class is a pricey pleasure, but it is worth it, especially on long-haul routes. Flying, say, France to Norway or Spain does not take longer than commuting to job in a big city. But what if you need to travel to Europe from across the globe, across the Atlantics or from the Asian shores? Then, comfort, privacy, good sleep and some entertainment are a must. Nowadays, when an economy seat becomes more and more economical (think the crammed Monday morning underground experience), the allure of business seat becomes even more obvious. But is it possible to procure the coveted seat to Europe without busting the bank?  It turns out – yes, it is. And there exists a whole bunch of tested tricks that will land you in the comfort of the business part of the cabin.

  1. It’s not worth buying a business class as is. The prices are about five times higher than those of economy seats. Instead, use other ways to upgrade your travel.
  2. Loyalty points and miles are still the best way to upgrade while boarding the plane, especially if the front section is half empty on this flight. Currently, many travelers (at least in their pre-COVID-19 experience) report how they upgraded using their miles and a moderate additional payment while at the gate or onboard. Instead of using miles to fly one more economy, weathered travelers advise to use them for getting a better seat. Just be careful not to waste accumulated points and miles for nothing, since they tend to expire. This is a particularly useful tip if your miles are expiring and you do not plan to travel often till the end of 2020 (which is the case for most of us).
  3. Look for business fare sales, that is, auctions where you can bid for a business seat and get it for a fraction of price. Sure, you won’t get the comfortable seat for nothing, but the bidding price will be definitely lower than the full price. So decide for yourself how much you can bet on a good business seat without sharp pangs of regret, and the high chances are you will get that seat. This is a particularly lucrative option for Cathay airlines, where the service makes you feel like a royal travelling on a charter plane (no exaggeration here). 
  4. If offered or if eligible, get yourself and use the membership cards or airline branded elite credit cards. The elite cards bring you plenty of benefits with the company, one of them being upgrades to business class with no or small additional fee. If possible, have two elite cards with transferable points. You’ll accumulate necessary amounts faster and will be able to enjoy a business class seat without paying actual money. Follow the email or app notifications to see what you are eligible for currently and never miss a chance to get a business seat just for paying with your card regularly.
  5. There are options of buying (yes, open buying) bonus points that are illegal and legal. Third-party websites let frequent flyers sell their points, but this practice is not welcomed by airlines and can result in your being banned from bonus program altogether. Instead, buy such bonus points from airlines directly. They sell them freely for the price of 2.5 cents/mile, but there are regular discounts, sales and other promo actions. So never miss the chance to get plenty of points for cheap and trade them later for the desired business class upgrade.
  6.     If you are not that good in hunting for sales and points counting, let us do the job for you. Our weathered agents will track the cheapest last minute business class offers and mail them to you right in time to strike a deal.  It will save your time and nerves and will take you to London, Paris or Oslo in a comfortable business pod with restaurant quality meal and guaranteed sound sleep.

And one more bonus tip: look for business class tickets for dates and days of the week when usual travelers do not fly – weekends, like mornings of  Saturday and Sunday. At this time, business people enjoy their deserved sleep, and weekenders have already landed at their dream destinations. So the high chances are, the business class section of the cabin will be full of free seats and upgrade will be much easier to get without paying a hefty sum of money.