How to Get British Citizenship

If you are a foreign national who is under 18 years old and was born in the United Kingdom, then British citizenship is automatically passed to you when both your parents are either: 1) British citizens; 2) No longer married to each other if they are different nationalities or 3) one parent is a British citizen and the other remains ‘settled’ (has indefinite leave to remain/has right of abode). This will be registered as part of your birth registration. For those of age 18+, there is an application process. If one of your parents (or stepparents/grandparents etc.) has been legally adopted along with you and you were at least 6 years old when this happened, then the adoption process has the same result as becoming a citizen through birth. It is important to note that unless both of your parents are British citizens by birth or descent, then they cannot register your citizenship for you.

British Citizenship Through Residence

British Citizenship Through Residency If you have been legal “ordinarily resident” in the United Kingdom from when you were 10 years old until the present day, meaning always lived in the UK unless you went away for longer than 2 years at a time, then there is a chance of acquiring citizenship through so-called ‘long residence’. You also need to show that during your residency you have never left the country for more than two consecutive years.

How to apply for British Citizenship?

The good news is that there are many benefits to becoming a British citizen. The most notable of which is being able to live in the United Kingdom permanently and getting full UK rights, including the right to vote in elections (if you do not already have this right). Further advantages include the ability to travel throughout the European Union (and with certain exceptions also to Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) with minimal restriction. You can even gain extra protection when travelling outside of Europe via the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and International Certificate of Vaccination (iCERT). Of course, any children born after your citizenship will also become citizens, but only if they were born in Britain or during an outbound journey from Britain.

British Citizenship Through Marriage / Partnership

If you are already married to someone who is British or settled in the UK, then this can be enough for you to get your citizenship too. You must have been married at least three years before applying. However, if you were given indefinite leave after two years of residency it may mean that you can gain citizenship through marriage earlier than three years. Furthermore, it is possible if either one of you has lived in the UK for longer than 15 years in total with permission to remain in the country indefinitely. One thing that is important to note here, if neither of you is a British citizen when either of you applies for citizenship then when you do finally gain citizenship through marriage, your spouse does not automatically become.

What are the benefits of being a British citizen?

There is a lot to gain from being a citizen of the United Kingdom. The most notable benefits are having all the rights that come with citizenship, such as voting in elections and not being restricted by visa status when travelling throughout Europe. In addition, you can apply for a British passport which is required for any travel outside of Europe (and certain other regions) where it could be necessary to prove your citizenship status. This includes countries like Canada if planning on travelling there for over six months or South Africa if planning on staying beyond 90 days. There are also health benefits associated with having citizenship, including free access to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and entitlement to state pension payments provided you meet certain requirements. When applying for British Citizenship, you will need to show that you are either “of good character” or have the “right to reside” in Britain.

How to obtain British citizenship by investment?

In many countries, you can obtain citizenship by investment. For example, in Dominica, the starting price is US$100,000 to invest in a government-approved real estate project and a further US$250,000 to pay the government fees. In St. Kitts & Nevis the required start price is US$200,000 which has to be invested into a real estate project or repatriated back as cash within 5 years from the time of issue. In Antigua & Barbuda, this will cost you at least £200,000 ($300k) plus individual due diligence fees amounting to another $50-$100k.

What is the difference between British citizenship and Indefinite Leave to Remain?

A lot of people refer to Indefinite Leave to Remain as British Citizenship, however, there is a vast difference between the two. Firstly, you must have been living in the UK for at least five years (starting from the day on which you were granted indefinite leave) before you can apply for citizenship and secondly, it does not grant that right to live or work within any other European Union country. Those who want to gain citizenship without waiting years may opt for either naturalization or registration depending on their circumstances and eligibility requirements.

How much does it cost for British citizenship?

There are several factors that affect how much this will cost, including your current situation and whether using an best UK immigration solicitors or if you choose to do it yourself. If you are in the UK on Tier 2 (General), then this will cost £1,523 if applying via post and £1,890 if applying in person and using an immigration solicitor. When choosing to do it yourself, you can expect to pay up to $3,000 depending on how quickly you want your application processed and whether using a lawyer or doing it yourself.

Principal applicant fees:

Tier 1 РEntrepreneur: £12,000 for no dependent; £8000 each additional dependent

Tier 1 РInvestor: £50,000 per the main applicant not including dependents; further dependent applications over 20 years old require payment of £10,500 each

Tier 1 РExceptional Talent: £400 for no dependent; £300 additional each dependent

Tier 1 РGraduate Entrepreneur: £3000 per the main applicant not including dependents; an additional dependent will cost £1500. This requirement must be over 18 years old when the initial application is being submitted.


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