How To Get Better At Skateboarding Fast

Do you feel you’re stuck in skateboarding and not making any progress? Do you think it’s impossible to learn new tricks for you? No worries, in skateboarding, this happens with many beginners.

You face this only when you think you’re a pro rider with little practice of basics, and you jump advanced skill of skateboarding. Hence today, we will guide you on how to get better at skateboarding fast without getting you injured.

Without further due, let’s get started.

1. Get A Reliable Skateboard

Yes, you heard right, to get better at skateboarding, you have to upgrade your skateboard. At the beginning of the skateboarding journey, many people buy a cheap quality skateboard to learn how skateboard works. But later on, when they learn the basics, they don’t upgrade their skateboard.

If you are making the same mistake, you can’t get better at skateboarding. If you’re a heavyweight guy, make sure your skateboard weight capacity is under your weight or lookout for the best skateboard for big guys, which usually allows the weight load capacity of 500 pounds.

A reliable skateboard does not mean you have to spend a lot, and it’s all about how your research. You can get a decent quality skateboard under $100 also.

2. Practice The Basics Again

If you have started your skateboarding journey without practicing the basics like pushing, balancing, and standing in the correct position, you’re on the wrong track. First, start with these basics, practice it daily, and then you can jump to easy tricks like Ollies.

Many beginner skaters take it unpleasing and jump directly, doing cool-looking tricks to attract their friends and nearby people. Always keep in mind, without mastering the basics, you cannot make progress in skateboarding. Also, it becomes hard to learn simple and easy tricks. Therefore, it’s better to spend time practicing the basics so that you can learn the new tricks fast later on.

3. Get Out Of your Comfort Zone

Most of the beginners get stuck with anyone riding style like mini ramps or any single tricks. They never try to learn new tricks, which keeps them always a beginner.

With a skateboard, you can do various tricks and ride like downhill, street skating, vert, bowl, ramp, and more, so try out all of this slowly. No matter how comfortable you feel doing your preferred riding style, you have to keep move on to get better at skateboarding.

4. Learn To Fall

This might sound funny, but falling while skateboarding is a skill that every skater should learn—falling while skateboarding is part of every skater. Hence once you learned how to fall while riding, you can save yourself from an extensive injury like bone fracture or head damage.

The first thing you need is to wear safety guards. Instead of falling with the support of your hands or palms, you can fall on your supporting guards.

While falling, feel free and get yourself to roll on your back and shoulder to get less injured. You might see these small precautions funnily, but believe they can save you from enormous hurdles.

5. Practice Daily

Mastering any skateboard skills depend on how much you practice. The more you practice, the more you‘ll able to balance your skateboard with ease for that particular tricks. Also, do exercise with daily practicing because it makes your body fit, which helps you properly perform tricks.

6. Watch Videos Of Other Skaters

If you feel demotivated or want to learn new tricks, watch youtube videos or go to a skate park to see many advanced skaters. Beleive watching only youtube videos, many people become pro skater, though why not take advantage of this internet era. The skateboardidea also provides quality information regarding skateboard and does your research for new skateboard and learning easy by doing honest reviews.

Last Words

Finally, now you know how to get better at skateboarding fast. Finally, I will say mastering a skateboard is not a one-day game; it takes time with lots of practice. Hence, learn the basics and master them to become a pro skater.


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