How to Get Better at Online Trivia Games

Trivia is a fun way to relax and test your knowledge of the world around you. But as much as I love trivia games, I don’t typically win them.

In fact, I usually come in last place. Best trivia questions are those that are difficult to answer but can be found with a little research. However, even if you don’t know the answer to a question, there’s still hope.

So after trying out several different methods for winning online trivia games, here are my secrets to improving your score:

When you play with a group, split up the questions.

If you’re playing an online trivia game with friends, try splitting up the questions. This way, everyone gets to answer a different question each round. The best part about this strategy is that you won’t be relying on just one person to answer all of the questions correctly; instead, you’ll have multiple people who can contribute to winning points for your team.

Watch the question carefully

Let’s get one thing straight: When you’re playing online trivia games, it’s important to pay attention.

This means reading the questions carefully and paying close attention to everything that’s going on in the game. You should read all of the responses carefully, as well.

The clues are important, if you don’t know what they mean or what they’re trying to tell you, then it might be hard for you to answer some questions correctly. So make sure that when something is being said about a topic in a clue (like “ancient” or “early”), that knowledge helps guide your decision making process as far as which answers might be correct out of all those given at once.

Don’t be afraid if there are multiple ways of saying things; just try not getting confused by them too much when choosing an answer. As long as there aren’t too many things going on at once with different sets/groups/series/etc., this shouldn’t happen much anyway–but if it does happen then just take note before moving forward and try not worrying about guessing wrong since there may still be other opportunities later on downstream down river roadways highways streets alleys alleyways backroads trails dirt paths forest paths…

Buy one get one free games.

Free games are a great way to get your feet wet in online trivia games, especially if you’re new to the genre. Look for games that offer free games, but make sure they’re worth playing.

Most importantly, make sure that the free game is different than the paid version of the game. Don’t waste your time with a game that has an identical or nearly identical experience to what you’ll get with its pay-to-play counterpart. You want something unique and new, a spinoff title or something inspired by its predecessor but not just a rehash.

Be careful about what type of questions will be asked in these free versions too; sometimes they can feel like watered down versions of their paid counterparts because they don’t have advanced features like power ups and other perks associated with paying money for them (which is why people would pay).

To win trivia, know how to cheat.

Trivia games are all about getting the right answers. But to win, you need to get those right answers faster than your competitors. And there are a few ways you can do that.

First, try playing buy one get one free games: they work like any other game except that after you answer a question correctly and it’s confirmed by the host, a new question will appear immediately afterwards on screen with no pause for anyone else to answer.