How to get around Namibia

Namibia is a perfect country to spend your next vacation. Before you visit Namibia, it is important to understand how to get around the country with ease. Tourists who visit Namibia usually get into the country via Windhoek’s Airport. This airport is located around 40km away from Windhoek. Therefore, you will need to have transport arranged to get into the town. There are multiple airport transfer services available to help you with it. Or else, you can think about getting the help of car rental companies. You can easily go online and book the services offered by a car rental company.

Introducing LEFA

One of the biggest challenges you must face would be to get a taxi Windhoek airport. Once you come into Windhoek, traveling around will not be a major challenge. However, it is important to keep in mind that there aren’t any popular brands such as Uber in Namibia. However, Namibia has its own version of Uber, which is known as LEFA.

Whether you are looking for a Windhoek airport taxi, or a method to get around Windhoek with ease, you may seek the assistance of LEFA. Service available to you from LEFA is pretty much similar to the service that Uber offers. You can download LEFA app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Then you can register your phone number and go ahead with booking.

You can easily purchase a SIM card after you get to the airport. Then you can register that number on LEFA app. Hence, there is no need for you to book airport transfers to Windhoek before arriving in the airport. You can do everything while you are at the airport. LEFA is such a user-friendly app, and you will never face any challenges with Windhoek airport transfers.

How to get around Namibia

Now you know how to get around Windhoek. However, you will also come across the need to figure out how to explore the rest of the country as well. This is where you can think about renting a car. It is better if you can rent a 4-wheel drive car. A pick-up truck or a Land Cruiser SUV will help you to explore Namibia without a challenge. It is also important for you to be ready with some extra fuel, so that you will never get stranded while exploring remote areas of Namibia.

Driving in Namibia will not be a challenge. However, you will need to be ready to drive hundreds of kilometers without passing a town.

Instead of renting a car, you may also think about using the bus to cater your transportation needs. There are multiple bus services operating in the country. Intercape MainLiner is the most popular service out of them. You can even use this bus service instead of Windhoek airport transfers.

If you want to get the most out of time spent in Namibia, we strongly encourage you to rent a car. Then you can get to the attractions and explore them at your preferred pace. There is no need to spend a fortune to rent a car in Namibia. Once you have a car, you can gear up and get to the most popular tourist attractions in the country, including Dead Valley Lodge and Serriem Oshana Campsites.

There are multiple things to see and engage with while you are in Namibia. However, you should be careful enough to plan everything ahead of time. Then you can visit the country and get the most out of time you spend in there. Keep these tips in mind and plan your transportation in Namibia accordingly.