How to Get a Scrap Car License in Delhi for Owner or an Authorized Scrapper

Unlike with the sale of old cars, Car scrapping is not a well-organized activity in India. Old cars have been a major contributor to Delhi NCR’s pollution problems. The National Green Tribunal has issued an order prohibiting the usage of cars older than 15 years in Delhi. Regional Transportation Offices (RTOs) have discontinued re-registering and inspecting these cars. There hasn’t been a uniform approach for old vehicles before recently. The National Green Tribunal judgement may have a negative impact on car owners who are unaware of the procedures for dealing with an old vehicle. When drivin

What is scrapping?

Scrapping is a difficult process of dismantling the automotive system to recycle the vehicle for another use. Automobile parts are of particular importance and can be a saving grace for its dissection and re-use. The process of scrapping involves collecting the vehicle, removing its parts and then returning it to the point where it is being serviced. In addition, metal and plastic are reclaimed. Scrapping offers a good opportunity to reuse those valuable scrap parts that are used on different machines and in the local manufacturing industry. Scrap auto parts and parts that are used in construction, transportation, maintenance and agriculture are of very high importance.

The Scrap Car License in Delhi

Scrap Car License is an identification certificate issued to scrap dealers, who resell old, used cars. You will have to visit the Delhi RTO, choose the classes, and get the registration number from the car itself. Thereafter, you’ll need to do some online research and find the classifieds section, in which people selling old cars list their vehicles. The process varies based on the registration of the car. However, most people would probably go to the RTO and talk to the employees there. 

Basic Guidelines

  • A person, firm, society, trust, or company that owns and operates an Authorized Vehicle Scrapping Facility is an Authorized Scrapper (ASVF)
  • Any institution that holds an Authorization for Vehicle Scrapping issued under these standards for carrying out dismantling and scrapping activities is referred to as an Authorized Vehicle Scrapping Facility (ASVF).
  • The ASVF issues a Certificate of Deposit to acknowledge the transfer of ownership of a vehicle from the registered owner to an Authorized Scraper for further treatment.
  • Authorized Scrapper must keep the Certificate of Vehicle Scrapping given by an AVSF to recognise the vehicle’s final disposal.

The process of applying for the Scrap Car License in Delhi

There are several steps that you need to follow before you can get a Scrap Car License in Delhi. The first step is to inspect a scrapped car to determine if it can be reused. You can also check if there are any safety issues with the car. Check if the car is within the age limit mentioned by the government.

  • Should meet the pollution control board’s basic technical standards for collecting and dismantling facilities, and should have the staff and equipment to carry out dismantling activities.
  • Within 12 months after starting operations, the company will work to get the necessary quality certifications.
  • Should offer a plant layout and construction plan that has been authorised, as well as an environmental management strategy for the business.

Guidelines for getting the Scrap Car License in Delhi

In order to avoid the rampant illegal dumping of old vehicles in Delhi NCR, it is advisable to register the car you are scrapping before you actually start scrapping it. There is an option to register the vehicle before the scrap, but you are better off getting the car registration before you start the process of demolition. The new rules need to be followed by the scrapper in order to get the license. The Car Registration Authority will fix the fee in order to get the Scrap Car license. 


If you own a vehicle that has reached the 15 year period of usage, there are a few procedures you can follow to dispose of it properly. The first thing to do is to file for a scrapping certificate with the RTO. After that, you will have to get the vehicle transported to a scrap yard where it can be sold. In some cases, the process of dismantling the vehicle could take up to 30 days. Be mindful of your vehicle in such a situation, and arrange for your own transportation. If your vehicle is too dangerous to be transported or you don’t have the money for transport, you can ask the owner of the scrap yard to dispose of the vehicle for you. Many local scrap dealers will even buy out their own vehicles and keep the proceeds. It can save you both the financial and physical costs of owning a car.

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