How to get a Project Manager Job in one year with PMI-ACP certification?

The PMI promotes PMI-ACP as a certification that earns you more credibility, more marketability, and more opportunities! With its prominent presence in the software development industry, Real Estate and construction, and government portfolio. Agile seems to expand its reach to odd industries such as manufacturing, finance, and healthcare.


In this article, we will put some focus on the need for this certification and why it is the best time to achieve it. Further, we will lay you a guide map that leads to a high paying Project Manager’s job in just one year!


Why on earth do you need PMI-ACP certification?


PMI has spent decades in giving a gold standard posture to this certification. In all its credentials, PMI-ACP certification is the most opted certification. This certification is valid globally and is a nation and vendor-neutral. An ACP of Brazil can get job opportunities in the USA or Europe. Thanks to globalization that has sprouted ways to transfer technologies easily than before. 


Agile was started due to challenges that triggered frustration. Earlier challenges were mainly faced in the collaboration of teams, having everyone on the same page. And crucial of all, handling consistent changes input by users and external stakeholders. 


In the year 2001, a group of leaders in software development held a convention in Snowbird, USA. They all were gathered to create and lay the criticalities of the Agile Manifesto. This manifesto had solutions that uprooted the outmoded waterfall methodologies. 


It brought with its SCRUM, XP, TDD, Lean, and Agile. From then rest is history. Currently, there are more than 800k agile practitioners who work in different industry verticals. Experts suppose that till 2030, the project management industry will grow to $20 trillion industry.


Agile methodologies are quite efficient in managing process errors and minimizing wastes. Take, for instance, and all the Gulf nations are currently involved in mammoth projects. These projects have a capital investment of more than $2 or $3 billion alone. Before the adapted to Agile, they used to incur process wastage that would amount to $200-$300 million! Trends suggests that APAC, Gulf, and BRICS nations are benevolently carrying out promising projects to develop the world as a whole. Like China’s determination and engagement in reinventing the silk route again after 2000 years. Similar projects are carried out throughout the world that makes a doorway to Agile Practitioners to earn and soar in their career.


Addressing the prime motive


Suppose you clear the tight eligibility criteria of PMI-ACP of 2000 hours of working in Project teams and or having a PMP or PgMP certification instead to back you and further having training of 21 hours in Agile Practices and lastly having 1500 work hours experience alone in using Agile methodologies.


Then you can surely submit your application and get cleared in the Application review process. Followed by the Application Payment process and audit process, you are allowed to take on the certification exam. The exam is of 3 hours long, containing 120 MCQs that are performance-based. Here you need to score 70% to pass the examination. Whereas, as per our target, you need to secure at least 85% or above to get a PM Job in just one year! 


As per Glassdoor, a PM earns $111,000 per annum. While at the entry-level, he can make $75000 per annum. A PMI survey reveals that by 2027, we shall be short of 87.7 million professionals in the Project management industry. Healthcare alone is casting 17% of project-oriented job roles.

There are other PM certifications from Scrum Alliance, AXELOS. But the leader of the market is PMI with all its certifications. PMI-ACP certification will enable you to get a Project Manager role in 2-3 months, but, as an associate, you need to show your capabilities to reign as a Project Manager. 

Here you have to invest all your energy in the projects you are assigned. Your knowledge and clarity of the concepts can easily help you to tackle situations in a more preferred and professional way. 




You should not have a timeframe unless you know when you are dying or quitting. If you have an ardent zeal, then with the help of this certification, you can be a full-fledged Project Manager in just 6 months! At last, you should never forget that wherever you may stand, you are there because of your hard work and planning.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.