How to Get a Partner Visa in Australia: Insight and Tips

Moving to Australia with your partner is an exciting prospect. But before you get too thrilled, there are some important things to consider. One of these considerations is the partner visa application process. This blog post will offer insight into how to get a partner visa Melbourne and what you should know about it. 

What is Partner Visa in Australia? 

Partner Visa is Australian citizenship by investment program that allows people who are not citizens or residents of Australia to live and work there. The Partner visa process starts with an application for permanent residency.  

The visa process includes submitting documents proving your funds will be spent in the country, information about any dependents like children you may have, and other qualifications required by law, such as being single, etcetera. 

Various Options for Getting an Australian Partner Visa 

The Australian Partner Visa is often the best option for partners living in Australia. However, depending on your situation and requirements, it can be used with either temporary or permanent residency outcomes, so make sure you know what type of arrangement will work before applying.  

Permanent Vs. Temporary 

Whether you are trying to settle in Australia for good or just visiting, our partner via class is perfect. The categorization depends on whether the visa will be temporary or permanent and where it’s applied from; however, combined applications can lead to one of three different outcomes: refused/refined status (which means they cannot work), granted with conditions like assigned jobs etc., withdrawal by applicants themselves due to lack motivation.  

Suppose you are applying for a partner visa in Australia. In that case, there is some flexibility regarding how long your relationship has been going strong. For example, suppose the union was established less than three years ago. In that case, applicants may receive temporary residency on their own accord and apply within two full calendar terms from its inception date, which would mean permanent status if successful. 

Onshore Vs. Offshore 

If you are looking into the Australian visa process, don’t stress. Several categories may apply to people like yourself who want a temporary or permanent stay. Just make sure your situation is that would suit both of our needs best – whether we plan to use them outside Australia as well or stay put here within its borders always. 


Getting a work visa can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. That is why you should plan for the expenses that come with applying and being denied – such as medical exams or police background checks which are refundable sometimes if your application fails due to lack of immunity from arriving frauds- so make sure any financial risks associated get taken care off before starting. 

Bottom Line 

The Australian visa process can be complex, but it doesn’t feel daunting. With these simple tips, you will find the whole experience much easier and more manageable: know what type or classifications are required for your desired immigration status; check how long an applicant has been in Australia and their criminal history if any exist importantly-persuade them not just apply.  


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