How to Get a Good Salary Appraisal: Useful Tips 2021

With a performance appraisal coming up in your company, you are bound to hope for a salary raise as well. It is a great time to review what you accomplished through the year. Appraisals helps you grow and develop as a professional when you go over the highs and lows.

Along with your team leader you can build future goals and asses the prior achievements. Appraisal cycles are very rewarding if you work under the leadership of thoughtful employers.

However, when it comes to salary bonuses or raise things might get slightly tense and awkward. Companies conduct appraisals as a method to justify bonuses and salary hikes to the employees. But how to approach the subject if these are inadequate or missing from the picture? We have some effective tips that can make it happen for you.

Be aware of your value

If you are going to negotiate for a sum you deserve it is important to know the exact figures. Indulge into some research to know the current market rates for your position. Make certain that you also keep it within your niche and geographical location. As pays vary drastically according to those.

It might be obvious that going into a negotiation without having a number will not be wise. It shows that you are unsure about your real worth as a professional. Detecting this weakness, your employer can steer the conversation in a direction which pleases them. While having done your research you can appear to be on equal footing while negotiating the terms.

Choose the right time for it

Most companies have a regular review cycle conducted biannually or annually. At PPT.AE we are open to any negotiations from the employees during this period as well. However, opportunities can be had in between too if you time them right.

For instance, when your capable performance wins over a valuable client for the business. Or you have delivered more than once beyond your job responsibilities. Occasions like these are perfect for grabbing the chance to indicate a raise.

Organize and structure your thoughts beforehand

Getting a chance to bring your plea before your employers is all good and well. But it can all go drastically downhill if you do not have a gameplan in your mind. It is important to converse confidently and with assurance on a topic like this. The slightest falter and hesitation can render your case unworthy of consideration.

Before getting into the conversation, organize the points in your head. Use them to create a convincing debate which can sway them to see your point of view. And find your demand to be valid and reasonable. As mentioned before, also keep the figure ready in your mind so you can present it without thinking. Knowing how to place your case forward is the most important part of this process.

Negotiate intelligently

When going in for a meeting of this kind, expect it to be a lengthy one. There will be painstaking moments of going back and forth before reaching a final decision.

Having a negotiating margin is vital but draw up a sensible figure. Do not make mistakes like presenting a number that is seventy percent more than your original expectations. Otherwise, the conversation is likely to end before it even starts.

Focus beyond the base figures

Most companies have lifestyle and other financial facilities to offer their employees. Instead of your base salary you can negotiate on these as well. Go through the components which are available at your organization. Determine if your employer would be more willing to talk about them rather than your basic salary. Which is likely in most cases.

To provide a factual example, at Assignment help UK we offer our employees several benefits. And in our opinion as an organization, they are easier to negotiate upon. You can either ask for an increment in your paid vacations. Or assistance with continuing your education. Salaries tend to have a structure adhering to certain regulations. Therefore, making alterations in these additional components is far easier.

Approach with a purpose

Is it a discussion you want to have which lead to you an inevitable raise? Or merely an insignificant polite banter with no results? Try to identify what kind of a person your manager is before approaching them. The right words can win you the war. Or get you an increment in this case.

Is your employer someone who is a trouble shooter? Bring them an effective solution for something they have been pondering about for days. Do they look forward to connect with their employees and like being appreciated? Provide them the opportunity to do so. Appeal to their best nature in order to get a better chance for convincing them.salary

Be sure before closing the conversation

Salary negotiations take more than just a single meeting. A conversation can take days and even weeks of face-to-face conversations and emails. However, when the first meeting is going towards a wrap-up, make sure that a commitment has been reached.

Instead of leaving it at a vague point, understand to what extent you have got your point across. This will help you determine how likely are the chances of actually getting the increment.


It is understandable to be fearful of the mental ordeal a job negotiation might seem to be. But approach it with a positive mindset. You have put all your time and effort into achieving your goals. And in the process have brought profit and success to your organization. Therefore, demanding for compensation is not unjustified.

During the process, it is key to realize your own value. Do not downplay your abilities in your mind or in front of others. However, keep it balanced with a healthy dose of humbleness and modesty. If you do not receive an appropriate response, there is no reason to reach out to better options. Being a professional, you must be aware of how much your talent is worth. So, spend it for those who reward and respect it accordingly.   


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