How To Get A Condo On Rent In Phnom Penh?

Many Cambodians desire to live in the capital city of Cambodia, To find better work & living opportunities, which is why the rent for condos in Phnom Penh is in high demand. As the city has a substantial ex-pat population, it offers endless housing options for foreign nationals working here on long-term contracts and locals who are migrated for work. From modern high-rises to beautifully renovated condos, a wide range are available of condos for rent in Phnom Penn. Most condominiums for rent in Phnom Penh are mid-tier and high-end.

When you are looking for a condo in Phnom Penh for rent, you should consider a couple of things. Is there an area in Phnom Penh that best suits your lifestyle? What markets and shopping malls are close by? Are there any major international schools? Where in Phnom Penh would be most suitable for families? No matter what your needs are or what questions you have, IPS Cambodia is here to assist you with finding suitable condominiums for rent in Phnom Penh.

How To Get A Condo On Rent In Phnom Penh?

First and foremost, if you’re an ex-pat visiting Cambodia for the first time or if you are a native, you’ll need a place to stay. Phnom Penh has many condos for rent. Finding the perfect condo for rent according to your needs, lifestyle & budget is quite difficult. In these moments, IPS Cambodia acts as a friend, helping you to overcome your barriers. With IPS-Cambodia, you can count on qualified and experienced professionals who help ex-pats or locals to find the perfect condominiums for rent in Phnom Penh. We have a comprehensive listing of condominiums (condo units) in Phnom Penh. Please take a look around.

You will find a suitable condominium handpicked specifically for you, no matter what type you are looking for.

Condominiums in Phnom Penh: Why you should rent them

The following points will describe why you should:

  • Condos have the major advantage of being located in a modern building with better facilities, including a pool, fitness center, and off-street parking.
  • Many houses and villas are located in boreys and on the outskirts of the city. However, condos are being built all over the city center.
  • There are many traffic jams in Phnom Penh, which makes living in a condo a much more convenient option. When traffic jams are heavy, you probably get stressed. Those who live outside the city center or on the city’s outskirts have difficulty getting to work on time. In addition to business centers, banks, offices, cafes, department stores, and condominiums are built in the middle of the capital, making it easy to walk there.
  • Imagine what it would be like to live on the 25th floor of a high-rise building while enjoying the fresh air with sunrise. A view of the Mekong River, city, etc., can be seen from your 25th-floor condo, which will be equipped with modern appliances for safety and comfort. When you rent a condo, you can take advantage of these perks.
  • It is much more affordable to rent a condo in Cambodia than to rent a whole house or villa. For example, you can find a decent condominium for about $500 per month. Additionally, it offers fast internet access, low costs of living, and basic amenities ideal for digital nomads.

Where To Rent A Condominium In Phnom Phen

Condos have been built in Phnom Penh at an increasing rate in recent years, numerous of which are being purchased as investments rather than to rent in.

Approximately a third of the condos are located in Chamkarmon’sChamkarmon’s central district. At the same time, the rest are spread among Sen Sok, 7 Makara, Chroy Changva, BKK 1,2 & 3, Olympic Stadium, and Toul Kork. Daun Penh and the riverside area also have fewer condos for rent. Due to this, owners are eager to rent out their condominiums at excellent low rents.

For more information on the exact rent & location of a condo, IPS Cambodia has a massive listing of condos. You can enter your requirements in the filters to get the exact results you’re looking for. 

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Is Hiring A Reputable Agency Better than Searching on Your own?

“Reputable real estate agencies offer a great deal of value. Good agencies like IPS Cambodia understand the market and your housing requirements and are experts at what they do. They can advise and drive your property search most efficiently. Additionally, they will negotiate on your behalf, draft and facilitate a fair lease agreement, and ensure all your expectations are met before, during, and after move-in. Moving to an unfamiliar city or country is an asset to have someone to help you navigate the city and the marketplace. The first and the last rule of IPS is to remain loyal to its customers regardless of who pays them their commissions. When you work with IPS, they will show you properties that meet your needs and not a preference for one over another. Transparent dealings are what they believe in. Everything they disclose is up front, and no hidden fees or charges are applied. You don’t need to worry about renting condominiums in Phnom Penh if you are an ex-pat.


If you’re coming to Cambodia, you’ll need to find a place to stay. Many condos are for rent in Phnom Penh.

This means that you can choose the condos that suit your needs and provide all the amenities you want since they combine the best of both sides, i.e., apartments with basic amenities and residences with everything you need.

Consider renting through IPS Cambodia if you are looking for an exciting opportunity. The condo in Phnom Penh is reasonably priced for an ex-pat or native for rent. The listing of condominiums in IPS provides filters that can help you determine your budget & area.

For more information about renting or buying an apartment or condominium, please visit our website: https://ips-cambodia.com/, or call us at +855 77 959 861.

Stay Safe, Keep Investing.