How to Get a Builder’s License in Victoria

Each state in Australia has different rules regarding skilled workers such as builders, plumbers and electricians and Victoria is no different. Here there is a builder’s license which carries with it great importance.

Today we are going to delve into exactly what a builder’s license is, why it is important and how you could go about getting one. If you are moving to Victoria or you already live here and you wish to forge a career or perhaps even your own company as a builder, then this is crucial information which you need to learn about. Remember that the following only applies to those who plan to live and work in the state of Victoria.

What is a Builder’s License?

If you wish carry out any work in Victoria as a builder then you have to ensure that you have first obtained a builder’s license. There are 3 main types of license here, and they are as follows:

•              Commercial builder(Limited and Unlimited)

•              Domestic builder (Limited and Unlimited)

•              Demolisher(Low rise, Medium rise, Unlimited

You must study and be qualified with a builder’s license diploma in order to earn the license. There are also 3 very important points which must be made about the license and when it is required:

•              You must be registered to perform building work worth more than $10,000.

•              Your registration must be approved by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) before you commence work.

•              Any building work that requires a permit, regardless of the overall cost, also requires a license

Why Are Builder’s Licenses Important?

The main importance of a builder’s license is that without one you will not be able to legally carry out building work as a company or as a sole trader. Even more important is that if you are found to be carrying out work without a license, you can face penalties such as hefty fines, or perhaps even being prevented from getting your license at all.

What Advantages Does a License Offer?

This offers you the chance to work for yourself as a sole trader, or even to set up your very own building firm. If you don’t have a license then you simply don’t have this as an option. If you are young then this may not seem important but later on, down the road, you may very well wish to branch out, and you’ll need your license to do that. Ultimately having the license ensures that you are not restricted in terms of what you can do as a builder.

Which Are The Routes to Getting a License?

In order to get your license you first have to decide as to whether you’ll be a domestic builder or a commercial builder, both of which require qualifications. There are many builder courses which you can choose from including a TAFE, a diploma and even a certificate IV in construction which is offered by some universities. This is the minimum level of qualifications which you will need in order to apply for your builder’s license and you must also show that you have 3 years of full-time experience.

Study hard, work harder and go get that license.