How to Get 500 Plays on SoundCloud for Free

The post briefs about how to get 500 plus SoundCloud plays on every single week. This could be for beginner SoundCloud wrapper or could be for whatever SoundCloud expert. This post discusses how you can easily get 500 plus SoundCloud. So let’s see how you can achieve that below.

1.      If you join the RepostExchange platform, you only need to repost other people tracts. You can repost tracts, comment, and follow whatever you want to do. That’s how RepostExchange work. You can also rank a page if you have a campaign. It only requires 50 points to start a campaign. SO in order to get points, you only need to repost other people’s tracts. If you get 50 points then you will be able to start a campaign.  That way you can get plays and you can perform this every day, it only depends upon you how you manage your time.</br>

2.     Another things you can do is help on BRYDERNETWORK. Once you help on Bryder Network, you get 500 plays after stream on one tract every single week. You only need to submit a track once a week. That way you can get 500 SoundCloud plays easily. 

If you got friends that you actually know who has SoundCloud, you can tell them about it, so that they can repost your tract on the Bryder Network. It only depends on how you communicate with them. That’s ways you can also easily get 500 plays. How you can use

First of all, you need to browse campaigns; once you click browse campaign you can just go to listens to people’s songs. It is highly recommended to listens to the song you like, because who wants to post tract music on your page. You just need to like, follow, leave comments on track whatever you prefer to get an extra two points. You just need to find some tracks to get some points.

If you go to browser reposter, these are the people who repost often that you can check by looking at the stats to see if they have accepted your track. How to submit tract
to Bry4der Network:

If you login to Bryder Network, you need to proceed by liking the Facebook page symbol. Once you like that it will take you to the next page and press continue. New windows will pop-up. You just want to listen to the browser, you can hear sounds like and you need to go ahead by leaving comments in order to continue. Once you leave a
comment, then it will take you to SoundCloud accounts.  They going will
repost music on your post. You need to have a  SoundCloud account. You
submit your SoundCloud track URL. If you never have done it earlier than you
need to verify your email first. Once you verify your email, you can start your
campaign. You will easily get 500 free SoundCloud plays using this service. If
you get 5000 followers than you will be able to join them as a partner so you
can repost people’s songs automatically. And gain some points so that you can
get more plays on your songs. 


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