How to Gain Muscle with Anavar

Anavar is the most potent steroid to improve significant muscle mass and strength. It is one of the most effective steroid compounds for the cutting phase. It preserves your lean muscle during a low caloric deficit. It is a mild anabolic steroid that doesn’t convert aromatize so that female user can use it; it is safe for women. 

It is available in oral form, so bodybuilders and athletes use Anavar tablets to improve muscle mass and strength. In this article, we will explain the details on how to gain muscle with Anavar

  • What Is Anavar?

Anavar is an anabolic-androgenic steroid that bodybuilders and athletes use to improve their physique and overall performance. It is also popular as Var and Oxandrolone. Anavar has a great ability to boost your nitrogen retention and slow down your Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). It also increases metabolic rate and protein synthesis, creating an anabolic environment for your muscle mass to grow better.

Anavar is a DHT derivative of testosterone and reduces your SHBG. Anavar regulates glucose metabolism and stress. It increases lean muscle mass body fat while preserving your lean mass gains. 

You can find Anavar for sale from the reputable steroid websites as mentioned. Anavar is used for cutting and bulking purposes. However, it gives more effective results in the cutting phase and a proper diet plan and nutrition. 

  • Can Women Take Anavar?

Yes, Women can use Anavar because Anavar is a mild steroid that doesn’t convert aromatize. It doesn’t carry any estrogenic side effects such as Gynecomastia and water retention and very few androgenic side effects compared to other anabolic steroids. 

Anavar for women is widely popular in the bodybuilding world because even its small dosage will give more effective results to female users. When they take high doses or use it for the long term, you may face various side effects. Let’s check them out.

  • Possible Side Effects For Women

High dosage and long term use are not suitable for women to use; if they do so, they may face various side effects as mentioned below:

  • Deepening voice
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Acne
  • Liver problem
  • Headache
  • Swelling arms and legs
  • Grow body hair
  • Change facial structure
  • Clitoral enlargement 

Female users can avoid all the above side effects by following recommended dosage with protection. Here is the best recommended Anavar cycle for both male and female users; it will give them the best effective results. 

  • Anavar Cycle Information

Anavar is used for cutting cycles and bulking. Here we will discuss both of them to get more effective results with very few side effects. 

→ Anavar Cycle for Bulking Phase

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is not effective for gaining significant muscle mass, but it can help you create lean muscle mass without any water retention. Most male users are not satisfied with the Anavar solo cycle for bulking results, so they stack Anavar with other anabolic steroids to get more effective results. 

On the other hand, if we talk about female users, they will get effective results even with lower doses of Anavar. Var is the best drug for female users who aren’t looking for massive gains. Anavar muscle gains are weaker, but it gives incredible strength gains.

→ Anavar Bulking Cycle for Male Users

WeekAnavar Dosage
Week 150 mg per day
Week 270 mg per day
Week 380 mg per day
Week 4-7100 mg per day
Week 880 mg per day

→ Anavar Bulking Cycle for Female Users

WeekAnavar Dosage
Week 15 mg per day
Week 2-410 mg per day
Week 5-620 mg per day
Week 7-815 mg per day

Here are the most common stacking cycle examples that bodybuilders and athletes follow to get more effective results in a mass gain.

→ Anavar And Testosterone Stack Cycle

Week 115 mg per day200 mg
Week 215 mg per day200 mg
Week 315 mg per day300 mg
Week 420 mg per day300 mg
Week 520 mg per day300 mg
Week 620 mg per day350 mg
Week 7350 mg

→ Anavar and Anadrol Stack Cycle

Week 120 mg per day240 mg per day
Week 220 mg per day240 mg per day
Week 320 mg per day240 mg per day
Week 420 mg per day240 mg per day
Week 520 mg per day280 mg per day
Week 620 mg per day280 mg per day
Week 720 mg per day280 mg per day
Week 820 mg per day280 mg per day

→ Anavar Post-Cycle Therapy

Anavar dosage suppresses your natural testosterone production, so it is essential to perform the PCT at the end of the Anavar cycle. The PCT supplements such as Clomid and Nolvadex reproduce the natural production of testosterone level and bring your body to its usual stage as it was before. The PCT also helps you from various side effects and preserves your lean muscle mass gains. 

Week 1150 mg per day40 mg per day
Week 275 mg per day30 mg per day
Week 350 mg per day20-10 mg per day
Week 430-40 mg per day10 mg per day
  • Anavar Results

You will get the best results if you buy Anavar online from the top reputable website because purity always matters with anabolic steroids. The best time to take Anavar is in the morning before half an hour of workout; most of the users split its dosage into two and then consume it. When you follow the recommended dosage of Anavar, you will get incredible benefits from Anavar, including:

  • Significant strength
  • Add lean muscle mass
  • Preserve lean muscle mass, especially during the cutting phase
  • Harder muscles
  • Excellent in fat loss
  • Enhance metabolism rate
  • Reduce SHBG
  • Increase nitrogen retention
  • Increase vascularity
  • Conclusion

Anavar usage doesn’t provide you significant muscle mass gain, but it is more effective to add lean muscle mass and provide significant strength and improve athletic performance. Anavar will give you numerous benefits when you consume it properly with liver protection. 

The Anavar solo cycle won’t provide that many effective results for male users, so they usually stack Anavar with other Anabolic steroids such as testosterone and Anadrol for bulking cycles. For cutting purposes, Anavar is stacked with Winstrol, Clenbuterol, and Primobolan. 

If you have any other questions regarding the Anavar cycle, you can contact our experts anytime; they will guide you to the best Anavar cycle for muscle mass gain with very few side effects.