How To Furnish Your Apartment Using Cryptocurrency

About a decade ago, the term ‘cryptocurrency’ was enough to raise investors’ eyebrows and leave them confused. Adding to it, there’s always been a section of investors who have highlighted their concerns around converting fiat currency into digital coins. 

And if you’ve ever thought or put your money in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, thinking that you might be able to exchange one BTC for house furniture. We applaud you for your foresight! 

While it was a wild bet, congratulations! The year is 2022, and cryptos are more likely the future of transactions throughout the globe. Today, we have reliable payment processing platforms like Coingate, which enable crypto transactions for users and businesses alike. 

Using such platforms, you can easily furnish your living space by adding decor and furniture. 

However, since it’s relatively new and few furniture businesses accept cryptos for their products, we’re here with this weblog. So continue reading as we walk you through the outlined details of furnishing your apartment using crypto. 

How To Buy a Furniture Using Cryptocurrency

Technically, crypto investors have been able to buy furniture from their gains since day one. It’s just that the methods were different! The only added step was to convert cryptos into cash and use the derived funds to initiate transactions.

Method 1: 

However, when using acquired funds for the transactions, high costs can make the process less appealing when using earned funds for the transactions. For example, let’s say you want to buy some furnishing establishments for your abode, which summed up to $10,000. Here, you’d spend roughly $150 just for flipping currencies. Additionally, the transaction would attract a 2.5 percent fee.

Method 2: 

Besides, you also can convert your crypto to gift cards using platforms like Coingate. Here, you won’t have to attract much fees and get the option to convert your crypto funds to gift cards from hundreds of furniture brands from across the globe. Here, you can simply click to learn more about your desired brand’s gift card  and convert your cryptos into funds for purchase. 

Method 3: 

The third step on our list is directly reaching out to online furniture stores that accept crypto payments. Here, the process would be as simple as checking out from the dedicated stores by initiating transactions using your crypto wallet. 

Now that you know the different methods to purchase furniture using your cryptos, check out some of these stores that accept them as payments.

Furniture Stores Accepting Crypto For Payments

As of now, there have been numerous online stores that have started accepting Bitcoin, among other cryptos, for their products. Here’s a list of some online stores where you can buy home furnishings without any hassle.

  1. Overstock

First on our list of the top furniture platforms is While the platform is currently limited to Bitcoin as a form of payment, they bring their customers an extensive list of furniture, ranging from coffee tables to couches and tabletops.

Talking of the payment method, it’s straightforward to pay using BTC on this platform. Once you’ve made the list of furniture, you’ll check out with, simply move to the bottom end of the screen and select BTC as a payment option. 

  1. Fancy

Second on our list is, an online store with a unique “little” stores section. Once you visit the website, type “furniture” in the search bar and click on stores; once done, you’ll find a list of different stores that provide a unique range of furnishing items. The platform brings you stores like Zeitgeist Furniture, Circu Magical Furniture, and Baxton Studio. 

Talking of the checkout process, users can make the most of the platform with a clean UI that allows a simple checkout process. All you need to do is simply checkout by linking your crypto wallet.

  1. Newegg

Another reliable platform that accepts cryptos as payment methods is Newegg. In addition, the platform allows you to select from an extensive list of different types of furniture, ranging from categories like Home Office, Bedroom, Home Entertainment, Living & Family Room, Kitchen & Dining Room, and many more.

Similar to the other platforms mentioned in this blog, you can simply pay over these websites using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. First, you need to create a cart with your selected furniture items. Once done, you can checkout using cryptos as a payment method by linking your online wallet.

Use Your Funds Wisely!

Now that you have an idea of the different platforms involved in the process, we hope you’ll be able to buy furniture using cryptos, without going through many hurdles. 

However, since you’re making your purchase online and cryptos are involved in the transaction, ensure that you do authenticity checks of the website. Additionally, it’d also help if you’d look into the return factors.