How to follow Google trend or trending topics?

Technology has moved with such a fast pace in the past 15 years that we are still in the run to keep up with it. With each passing day, tech and innovation grounds are making new advancements and inventions, indirectly leading us to the era of digitization.

There is no need to mention, the technology has brought the world right on our fingertips. We are just a click away from the ocean of knowledge and can have a sneak peek into it by searching it on internet. Isn’t that so relatable?

With the technology paving the ways of how you could grab the information, we are living in the era of digitization and advance technology.

Taking this to the perspective of business, the brands are also looking forward to incorporate the strategies of Google and content marketing in which they could reach the top. This is absolutely recommended by the experts as well in order to gain more traffic. Also, this is an organic way of bringing audience to your website.


In the list of search engines, Google is forever a leader and shows zero sign of being slowed down. The professional writers from case study writing service emphasized on following the trending topics of Google in the content. This could be the infusion of keywords of the Google trends to gain more traffic.

The incorporation of Google trends in the content marketing strategies of the business can help the brand to boost brand awareness. Also, the Google trending topics are the biggest help to gain organic traffic with optimized content.

For the businesses of today’s competitive era, this is very important to make golden use of the opportunity given by the Google Trends and the Google trending topics for their massive success.


Basically, Google trends is the trends search feature that represents the popularity of the search terms in the Google search engine.

This is where you can see the rise and declining of the specific trend. The demographic insights with the related topics and the related queries are also available to help you in better understanding of Google trends.


Incorporating the Google trends into the content marketing of the business can help the business to climb the hill of success easily. This is due to the fact that an estimated 2.65 billion internet users are using the Google Search engine as their primary browser.

As the massive number is reflecting, the Google is already the most used search engine around the whole globe and people are using it as the primary search engine. This is very important for the businesses to incorporate Google trending topics in their content marketing in order to gain the traffic to the fullest.

In this comprehensive and definitive guide, I will take you through the ways in which you should follow the Google trends and the trending topics for better SEO. So shall we dive in?

Help in the search of niches:

The Google trends are an amazing way to find the skyrocketing niches. If you are looking to find some new niches and content creation for your website, then Google trends will help you to set the best niches. The search volume would also be visible that whether the trend is rising or declining.

Search relevant product category in the related products:

The creation of any niche is easy after finding it on Google trends. Now, the task is to pile up the niche with good quality content and or this you must use the related topic of the chosen category. A person will find all the related products in your business and will surely come back to you!

Use the trends of Google for keyword research:

The use of the trends of Google for keyword research would also play a vital plank in the growth of the business. The related queries about the topic and the keywords targeted research would help the business to grow the brand awareness among the targeted audience. Google trends and its keyword research is the most powerful tool for digital marketers.

Promote your business with the seasonal trends:

The seasonal trends also play a pivotal role in the success of any business. There can be a lot of ups and downs in the business throughout the year and this is very important to take care of the seasonal sales in the competitive market. This would also increase the sales with a complete force.

Freshen up the content with current trends:

As soon as there is any trend on the rise, the businesses must focus on freshening up the content with it. This is the practice of optimizing the current content and incorporating it with the relevant keywords.

Generate authentic content about current trends:

After finding the relevant keywords, this is the high time to create authentic and new content as well. You can infuse all new keyword searches in your content and can check out how it would bring you huge traffic due to relevant keywords.

Find the niche topics with the region:

Another important component that you must take care of while following the Google trends or the trending topics is, search the niches and the topics that are trending in your region. Going out of the track would make you get very low traffic.

Monitor the position of the competitors:

Monitoring the position of your competitors is also possible with the help of keyword targeting. You can see how different brands are showing their performance as compared to you.

Google trends, Google shopping, and the year:

This is the year of personalization and technology. With the help of relative searches in the Google trends, you can also check out the trending shopping of the year and this would help your business to get the raise.

Avoid temporary keywords:

Make sure to avoid the temporary keywords and the keywords with greater volume. The dense and short-term keywords can make your content look bombarded with the keywords. Make sure to avoid this strategy.


With the help of above written ways, you can efficiently follow the Google trends and trending topics for the growth of your business. Make sure to incorporate them smartly in your business to gain more targeted traffic and audience. The Google trends is the biggest tool for the brands to reach a higher number of audience in minimum time.


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