How to Fix WordPress Error 500 in WordPress?

Error code 500 is a very common status HTTP status that denotes something that went wrong with the server of the website. Well! In this two-minute read blog, we are gonna discuss WordPress Error 500 in deep. What does it mean, how does it occur, and how can one overcome the same.

Also, known as 500 internal server error, this set of code relates some issue with the file or file system that runs your website. The root directory that runs your website is the main cause behind the error. Another responsible reason can be the server of hosting service providers.

Let’s explore the suitable ways to fix wordpress HTTP Error:

  • First of all refresh the page
  • Shrink or resize the file
  • Rename the image file
  • Deactivate themes or plugins on a temporary basis
  • Take suggestions from wordpress hosting service provider
  • Increase the limit of PHP memory
  • Check for folder permissions of uploads
  • Switch to the latest version of PHP
  • Check for any responsible performance issues
  • Remove customized media library path
  • Install add to server plugin

Is any relation between WordPress White Screen of Death And WordPress Error 500?

To understand the relation, we first need to understand what is exactly the WordPress white screen of death. This problem is either caused by PHP code errors or due to memory limit exhaust. The limit of memory exhaustion issue represents like the front end of website is down, however, the admin area of wordpress is up.

So, it’s clear that white screen of death is different from wordpress error 500. Here are a few nine ways to fix the issue:

  • Disable all plugins of wordpress
  • Move to the default theme of wordpress
  • Clean the cache of both browser and plugins of wordpress
  • Turn on debugging mode
  • Increase the limit of your memory
  • Check for permission issues in file
  • Check whether there is no auto-update issue
  • Fix back restoration or syntax error
  • Increase the capability of the PHP text process.

At the End:

I hope, this short description of Http error 500 WordPress will suit you very helpful for you. It will not only help you find out why the error occurs but also you will easily identify the solution to the problem. Other than this, you also knew how the white screen of death issues differs from WordPress Error 500. That’s all for today. Keep visiting our periodic updates and stay informed.