How To Fix Too Many Redirections

The redirection error in WordPress comes when there is something wrong in the redirection. The WordPress website creates SEO friendly URL structure that utilizes the redirection process. There is plenty of WordPress plugin use the redirect process. For instance, the WordPress SEO plugin enable the user to delete the category base from category WebPages by redirecting visitors to a webpage with no category base. The cache and WordPress SSL plugin too use redirection.  


Because of misconfiguration in these redirection plugins, the website might finish up redirecting visitors to a URL that which is redirecting them back to the referring webpage. In such a scenario, the user’s web browser gets confused with two WebPages, and therefore there is an error.


Solutions for Too many Redirection issues 


Modify the Site URL without WP admin area access 


If you don’t have access to the WordPress admin, then don’t worry, you can update the site URL with the help of wp-config.php file. Login to the website file server through FTP and find the wp-config.php file in the site’s root folder. Edit the file with the help of a text editor. Now paste below mentioned line and replace the with your domain 



Now save the file and upload it to the server. Access the WordPress site and see if it is working or not. If you can access the site, then add www prefix with your domain. 


 Check out your plugins and disable them. 


It would help if you detected which plugin is creating the redirection error. Even sometimes plugins can cause WordPress 404 error, WordPress error 500, 403 forbidden error or many other errors. Check if you have activated any new plugin that has caused the redirection error. Have you updated plugins before this error? If the error is because of the plugin, then you can quickly eliminate plugin by navigating to the wp-content/plugins/ via FTP login.


Now you need to search which plugin was causing the error. To perform this, you should download the new version of all plugins. Make your plugin active one at a time and enable every plugin and reload different pages to see whether the problem has solved or not.



Create a new version of .htaccess file   


First of all, download the .htaccess file for backup. Locate the .htaccess file in your website’s root folder. Remove the data from the webserver after downloading the .htaccess file. Now you need to access your site. Hopefully, it will solve the error. The whole procedure enables to create a new version of the .htaccess file. It will fix the issue of too many redirections


 Some other solutions for rectifying “too many redirection” error 

Suppose your site URL is and navigate to Settings » General configure it to Generally, web hosts enable you to select your choice of URL and you can either www prefix to the URL or without www. If you have chosen to add www prefix to your domain, then adding in your wordpress settings can bring error. On the other hand, if you have selected domain without www prefix then adding the URL with www in WordPress configuration will bring failure.


To solve this, you should edit the WordPress website address. Navigate to Settings » General, change your WordPress and Site Address, now if your website is with www prefix then modify it without www domain, and if you have the domain without www then add the www prefix. Keep in mind that don’t leave ending slash at the end of your domain such as




The article is all about fixing too many redirection issues on the WordPress website. In case you are facing such an issue, then you must consider all the above methods given in this article to troubleshoot the problem. 

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