How to Fix the Error on the Printer?

Printers are one of the important devices at the office and home. While taking printouts, if it shows errors then check for issues. In Epson printers, you may face error code 0xf1 very often. The error code appears when the printer can’t find the correct files or commands. For troubleshooting the error code, the user should inspect common causes.

Reasons behind printer error code 0xf1

  1. The printer is not connected
  2. Some Epson files are not working
  3. You are sending an invalid print job
  4. Viruses are corrupting the commands
  5. The printer driver is not working

Resolving printer error code 0xf1

Run a printer troubleshooter

If you are facing a 0xf1 error code while taking printout then run the troubleshooter immediately. You are getting the error due to printer files. If some files are not working then the printer starts showing an error code. To fix the files, you should run an inbuilt printer troubleshooter. It will inspect all related files for correction.

Open the computer and search for a troubleshooter. On the tab, click on Printer and run the service. It will start searching the files and fix them. Check the report wizard on the screen. If the error is resolved, you can use the printer. When the troubleshooter can’t fix the error, tap on learn more and check for the causes.

Restart your printer device

When the troubleshooter is unable to fix the error; restart the printer. If the 0xf1 error is appearing due to services then restarting the system will fix it. Go to the printer and take out its power cord. When you reconnect it, the printer will start automatically and all printer services will run from the beginning. Open the PC and make sure the printer shows Available status. Now send the print job and take your printouts easily. 

Try reconnecting your printer

A printer connection can cause many issues. Many times the printer gets an error when the cable is not working. Eject your cable from the printer and check both ends. If the cable is damaged then use another cable. Get a new and high-speed cable that can connect the printer correctly. In wireless printer connection, keep the printer near the router.

Restart the router and check the WPS status. Press the button to enable WPS and then go to the printer immediately. Press the Wi-Fi button and check the lamp for blinking. Go to your printer screen and you will see the available networks. Choose the correct network for the printer connection and then go to the PC.

Check for available printers and choose your printer. After creating the connection, I went to the printer and took the configuration printout. When the printer shows active status; send a print job and take your print out. 

Inspect your driver

Without a correct driver, the printer won’t take any command. Go to the device and then inspect the driver of the printer. If any of its files are corrupted then run Epson error code 0xf1 repair tool. The driver repair tool will check for all files and then fix them. If you can’t use the repair tool on the system then reinstall that driver.

Open the drivers’ folder and remove the corrupted driver. Now download the driver setup from the website and install it. Reconnect the printer and it will start searching for the driver. Once your printer gets the driver, it will start taking the printouts. 

Reset the printer device

Error 0xf1 can occur when the user has changed some printer settings. For fixing your error, you need to undo those changes on the printer. If you can’t revert the printer changes correctly then go for factory reset. All the changes and configurations will be reset. Once you go for a factory reset, you have to reconfigure the printer with every device.

Go to the printer and click on settings. Now tap on Reset and select reset all options. The printer will restart automatically and now you will see factory settings. Connect your printer to a PC or the network and reconfigure it like a new device. After configuration, you can take your printouts easily.

Remove malware from the computer

The viruses on the PC can also cause printing issues. While sending the print job, these viruses corrupt it and your printer can’t read it. Due to a corrupted print job, the printer starts showing error code 0xf1. Remove all the viruses from the PC and then use the printer device.