How to fix security app error code 42010?

Security is becoming a bigger concern in the cyber world. New malware threats are appearing every day. Most people use security apps like antivirus, VPN, firewall, etc to prevent their devices from malware and other internet threats. If the antivirus is showing an error code; your device may become prone to malware. Your security app can show an error code due for various reasons.

Common causes for security app error code 42010

  1. Antivirus meets a runtime error
  2. Incompatible antivirus program
  3. Some registry files are not working
  4. Junk files are interrupting your antivirus
  5. Some system files are not working
  6. Multiple security apps on one device
  7. Low RAM space
  8. You have a malicious application
  9. Program files are corrupted or missing

Resolving security app error code 42010

Restart your security application

Antivirus can show an error code when the app meets a runtime error. Runtime errors can occur due to any minor reasons on your device. But you can fix the runtime error by restarting your device. Go to your device and close the antivirus. Refresh the window and again open your antivirus. Try to run a scan and check for an error code. If your antivirus is still showing an error code then restart the device. Close all the apps on your computer and restart it. Now open your antivirus and check for the error code. If your antivirus is still showing the same error code then you should check for other solutions.

Install compatible antivirus

Some people get error code 42010 when they install incompatible antivirus programs on their devices. Your program will only work if you have installed a compatible program. Every app has resource requirements and it will only work if the device is providing all the required resources. You should check the resource requirements of your application. If the antivirus is not compatible with your computer then cancel Avast subscription. Remove the program and install a compatible antivirus on your device.

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Fix your registry files

Many times, antivirus shows an error code when the registry files are corrupted. These files can corrupt due to certain reasons. Your program needs the registry files to work correctly. These files are necessary to show the correct path to your app. Fix the registry files of your device. Go to the computer and check for corrupted registry files of your program. Open the run window and type Regedit. Run the function and you will see the registry editor on the screen. Start looking for your antivirus-related registry files. You must create a backup key before editing the files. Copy the files and save them with the .reg extension. Now repair the corrupted antivirus registry files manually. Restart your program and check for an error code. If you can’t fix the registry files manually then ask for technical help.

Clear all junk from the device

Your computer can show error codes due to the system junk. The device can accumulate lots of junk like temp files. These files do not cause harm to the device but can interrupt other functions. When you get an error, you should check for all junk on the device. Temp files often cause problems for the device. Open the temp files folder and delete all files. Close the folder and open your antivirus. If the antivirus still shows the same error code then check for other junk files. You can run the Windows junk cleaner utility tool. Open your computer and run the cleanmgr tool. This tool will start looking for all junk files. Check the list of items and hit the delete button. Now restart your computer and check for the antivirus error code.

Repair your system files

Corrupted or missing system files can cause many problems. Certain apps can start showing error codes. If the antivirus is not working then you must check for the system files of your device. But fixing the system files is difficult. Don’t edit any system file manually as it can cause more issues. If the system files are corrupted then you should run Windows file repair tools. Windows offers an inbuilt file repair tool SFC/scannow. Run the tool and it will fix the corrupted system files manually. Now restart your computer and check for the security application error code.

Remove other security applications

You can get an error code on your antivirus if another security program is corrupting it. People sometimes install multiple security programs on the device. This will not increase security but can cause other problems. If you have another security program then remove it from your device. Open your computer and go to the apps folder. You will see a list of all installed applications. Click on other security programs and remove them from your device. Restart the computer and now run your antivirus.

Check for the RAM 

Antivirus and other programs will not run if the RAM is very low on your device. Every app needs RAM to run. If the RAM is very low, your computer will only run the system software. Increase your RAM to run an antivirus and other applications. Many times, RAM issues appear when lots of apps are running in the background. Go to the computer and check the Startup apps. These applications start running when you log in to the device. Startup apps run in the background and take up lots of free space. Check the list of startup apps and remove the unnecessary ones. Now restart your antivirus and try to run your antivirus.

Uninstall the malicious application from your device

If you are facing an antivirus error code after installing a new program then you should uninstall it. You get the error when you have a malicious app on the device. Go to the computer and check for recently installed apps. Check for suspicious apps like free gaming or editing applications. These types of programs often carry malware. When you run the antivirus, these applications interrupt and prevent any changes. Go to the computer and uninstall the suspicious applications. Restart the device and now run your antivirus.

You can get the error code due to missing or corrupted program files. If you have deleted any program files mistakenly then reinstall the program. Go to the computer and uninstall your antivirus. Remove all the files and restart the device. Now install a fresh setup and now run a full system scan.

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