How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 Keeps Losing Signal Issue

The signals fall on different mobiles and this thing will happen at anywhere any time. This problem may occur due to the software issues that affect the network settings on your device, or this issue could be because of the network problem of your service provider

Sometimes your device shows this issue because of some type of hardware damage including your device network antenna or relevant component is accidentally damaged 

If the signal problem is due to the hardware then you should go to the Samsung store or service Centre that are present in your market

Other than this the problem is occurred by the technical software problems then you can fix it in the home by yourself. In this article, we will tell you the different solutions to fix the signal issue. All the solutions are given below, so read the complete article very carefully

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S9 that keeps losing signal:

If you are going to perform different solutions to solve the signal issue than first make sure that you are using your Samsung Galaxy S9 in an area where network coverage is perfect. It is normal to face signal drop issues in an area where the network is not present. All the solutions to fix the signal issue are given below

Software restarts your Samsung Galaxy S9:

Sometimes the signal issue is the random error and can be solved by the software restart; it also helps to upgrade your samsung galaxy s9 internal memory and gives your device a fresh start. All the steps to do this are given below

  • Press and hold the volume button and power button for 10 to 15 seconds at the same time
  • When your Samsung Galaxy S9 restarts then release the both buttons

This software reset does not affect your internal information or other important data, so in this process don’t worry about the data loss

On and off the airplane mode of Samsung Galaxy S9:

Activate and deactivate the airplane mode is the easy and simple trick that has helped too many people to solve the all connectivity issues like signal and many more, with this all the network connectivity features will be reset. All the steps are given below

  • To open the applications tray, swipe up on the empty space of the home screen
  • Now click on the Settings option
  • Then tap the connections
  • After this tap on the airplane mode to activate it for only 30 seconds
  • When the 30 seconds are over then again tap on the airplane mode to deactivate it

In the end, restart your Samsung Galaxy S9 and check the problem is fixed or not. if still, you are facing the same issue then try the next solution

Remove the Sim card and insert it again:

Sometimes the wrong installation of the Sim card will cause the signal issue, to solve this problem first remove the Sim card and then insert it again. Check out all the steps to do this properly

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Now insert the sim ejector to the hole and remove the Sim card tray
  • After removing the Sim card check it for different signs that create signal issues like scratches or damages
  • If you found the Sim card in good condition then put it back in the Sim tray
  • Insert the Sim card tray back into your Samsung Galaxy S9 and restart your device

Reset network settings:

Resetting the network settings may be the other best solution to fix the signal issue problem, especially it is occurred by the wrong network settings in your galaxy s9+. All the steps to reset network/configuration settings are given below

  • Open the apps tray with the help of swipe up on the empty space of your device home screen
  • Open the settings
  • Then tap the general administration option
  • Tap restart
  • Now tap the Reset settings option
  • Again tap the reset settings to continue the process
  • Enter the pin code or pattern to confirm the network resetting

Now check signal issue is solved or not, if still, you are facing the same issue then try the next solution

Factory reset Samsung Galaxy S9:

A factory reset of your Samsung Galaxy S9 could be the major step to solve the signal issue and other types of complex errors in the device. So make sure before doing this create a backup of all your important information or data.

  • First create a backup of your important data, for this go to the settings of your Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Then open the cloud and accounts settings
  • Click the backup and restore option
  • In the end, select the backup my information or automatic restore option

When you create the backup of your important data then follow the given steps to perform a factory reset

  • Open the settings
  • Now click on the general administration option
  • Tap restart option
  • After this choose the reset factory data option
  • To continue the process click on the Reset option
  • To confirm it tap on the delete option
  • If asked then verify your Samsung account and password or type your credentials to complete the factory reset process

Start your Samsung Galaxy S9 in safe mode:

Some third-party applications also cause these types of issues, in this situation you have to run your Samsung Galaxy S9 in the safe mode. In this mode, all the third-party applications are disabled and make it easier for you that which application is causing the signal issues. To go to the safe mode follow all the given steps

  • First, turn off your Samsung Galaxy S9
  • When the model name appears on your Samsung phone then holds and press the power button
  • Release the power button when Samsung logo appears on your device screen
  • After releasing the power button immediately press and hold the volume down button until the device restarts
  • The safe mode appears in the lower-left corner of your Samsung Galaxy S9 then release the volume down button

After going to the safe mode check your phone, if the issue is resolved then it is confirmed that third-party application causes the issue and you need to delete that application

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