How to fix Roku Remote is not working

Roku Remote
Roku Remote

Roku might be at the top of the world right now. But even the greatest of everything falters and Roku faces similar problems too. Among these issues, none concern the device at all. But most of the hassles ponder the remote.

If the remote is facing a lot of hindrances then you might have to take a serious look as no one likes things that concern their TV remote.

In this article, we shall see about the different activation code remote issues.

1. Look out for any blocked signals

Always remember that the very first issue that occurs in the remote is due to the blocked signals. In case if the remote signals are halted, then the remote shall never function at all.

To get a clear signal, you will have to lift the remote more higher and get a clear signal as well. Make sure that you point the remote in front of the player

2. Check the batteries

Dead and weak batteries are the reason why the remote doesn’t function well for most of the time. In case if the the problem persists, then there is no other way than replacing the batteries.

Insert the batteries again into the remote and try using it again. The remote will work for sure

3. Roku remote restart

  1. Initially, you’ll have to remove the batteries from the remote
  2. Disconnect the power cord from the Roku player and halt for 5 seconds
  3. As the Roku symbol shows up on the display, insert the batteries again
  4. You have to wait for 30 seconds and check if the remote establishes a link with the Roku device

5. Roku remote repairing

Here are the steps to perform this method:

  1. First of all, open the battery compartment and take off the batteries from the remote
  2. Disconnect the power source from the Roku device
  3. Fit the batteries inside the gadget again
  4. Push and hold the pairing button for three seconds
  5. Once the successful pairing occurs, the dialog should visualize on the screen

Verify the network link

The last and the final say is to verify whether the internet link that you’re using is very strong. Also follow the steps below:

  1. On the Roku menu, surf down to the Roku settings and push OK
  2. Tap the network option
  3. Finally, you can confirm the status of the connection

Call the support team +1-888-732-3570 in case of activation remote issues