How To Fix Phone’s Microphone & Their Solutions

If you are on a call and then you hear static, it might be a microphone problem. Such an issue is not that uncommon. Although, if there is some kind of hardware problem, it might be difficult for you to fix it yourself. In such a case, many phone repair service companies can fix your cell phone’s microphone issue. We have put down some tips to help you solve the problem if it is a software issue.

Clean the microphone

If you have been using your phone for a long time, then it is entirely natural that dirt or debris or lint can accumulate in your microphone. Dirt can get into any part of your phone, and the simple thing to do is clean it up. If dirt gets into your microphone, it might not function efficiently. The mic of your phone is a small hole just beside the phone’s USB connector. You can take a small pin and poke inside the opening to see if there is any dirt and clean it out.

Delete all Third-Party Apps

Third-party apps can cause this microphone problem sometimes. These apps can interfere with the features of your phone and you can experience such anomalies. These third-party apps can also cause your cell phone to malfunction at times. You can go to Settings > App > App Permissions> Microphone Permissions and check all the apps that use your microphone. You can change the permission settings or you can just backup your phone and do a factory reset.

Quick Restart

It is essential for YouTube sometimes Restart your phone. Just like human beings who need rest after a long tiring day, your phone also needs to get some rest for it to function correctly. Since the world is fast-paced, we cannot afford to switch off our phone for hours, lest we miss an important call. And that is why all phones nowadays have the “Restart” option. It takes just 10 to 30 seconds and the process helps in refreshing the system. If you have any problem regarding the microphone, then maybe a quick restart might solve the issue.

Use only one microphone at a time

Several Bluetooth devices have their microphones. Every smartphone has a Bluetooth feature and many users nowadays have various kinds of Bluetooth accessories like headsets or wireless speakers that you can pair with your smartphone. You should make sure if there is any Bluetooth device or wireless device connected to your cell phone and whether it has a microphone. If your phone is connected to one, then your phone’s microphone might not work. Disable the device and your microphone will work properly again.

Disable Noise Reduction

Certain Android phones use a feature called “Noise Reduction” or “Noise Suppression”. This helps minimize the background noise when you are recording a video or on a call. To disable this feature, you need to first go to “Settings”, then select “Call Settings” and check if there is a feature called “Noise Reduction”. If you find it, disable the feature and check if your microphone is now working correctly.

Check if the headphone symbol is still on 

If you have been listening to music through your headphone before the problem with your microphone occurred, then check if the headphone symbol is still there on the top of the screen. If it is, then simply plug your headphone back in and then proceed to remove the headphone. Now check if the headphone symbol is still there. If it is not there, then it was just a minor glitch.

Reset your cell phone 

As discussed before, several third-party applications ask for permissions for various features, including the headphone. They might cause the microphone to malfunction. You can simply reset your device by going to your cell phone’s Settings> Reset Options> Erase all data in such a scenario. This will take your phone back to its original state with its default factory settings.

These are a few of how you can solve the issue of a malfunctioning microphone on your cell phone. If there are hardware problems, then you can simply contact a phone repair service near your place by googling “phone repair near me”. If you live around London (Ontario), then there are many services for cell phone repair in London and Mobile Junction is one of the best and valued brands.