How to Fix Paper Jam Issue in HP Officejet Pro 8710 Printer?

HP gives a wide range of printers and has been offering its services for over 4 decades. From highly contrasting printers, shaded ones to most recent laser printers, HP has made some amazing progress. The administrations and products offered by HP, have helped it to set up a top situation in the electronic niche.

As printers are used on each scale, whether it’s a huge organization or a customary digital bistro printing text on paper could never go out of trends. Talking about the best printer devices from this brand, the HP Officejet Pro 8710 printer made a mark due to its affordable printing solution. However, paper jam in this machine is not a rare thing. Here in this guide, we will dive into the steps to resolve paper jam errors in Officejet Pro 8710 Printer with this incredible machine. Moreover, HP print and scan doctor is an official HP tool, using which you can resolve any such printer problems.

Steps to Troubleshoot Paper Jam in Officejet Pro 8710 Printer

Find and eliminate any paper stuck in the loading tray

  • Eliminate any loose paper in the loading tray.
  • Press the Resume button on the main site of the printer.
  • Eliminate the stuck paper one sheet at a time, initial in the middle.
  • Check for any remaining piece of paper.


Remove the jam from the Back-side of the printer

if you can’t find a paper jam from the tray, adhere to the directions to clean the paper from the backside of the printer. Normally, the rear of the printer has either a doorway or a two-sided printing accessory.

Eliminating a rear access panel

  • Find the button or access tab on the rear panel of the printer and unlocked it.
  • Eliminate the panel and wisely pull out the jammed paper.
  • Find and clear away any small piece of paper that persists.
  • Swap and protect the rear panel.

Eliminate the two-sided printing accessory to clean the paper jam

  • Hit both RELEASE knobs or either rare panel at the same time and eliminate it.
  • Take away the panel and sensibly pull out the jammed paper.
  • Find and clear away any small piece of paper.
  • Push the module back on and fir it into place.
  • Hit the button on top of the component and open the door.
  • Eliminate the panel and sensibly pull out the stuck paper.
  • Now find the clear the paper you see inside the tray
  • Shut the back door of the printer.

Confirm the printer carriage can move Effortlessly

  • Remove the printer from power by releasing the power cable from the power outlet.
  • See the carriage if it passages completely to the right side of the printer. Do not force the carriage to move if it’s jammed.
  • Wisely remove the ink cartridge.
  • Without eliminating the drawer, get rid of any paper from the loading tray.
  • Remove the two-sided printing accessory.
  • With the help of your fingers, spin the rollers toward the top of the printer
  • Swap the two-sided printing accessory.
  • Now replace the ink cartridges.
  • Plugin and turn on your printer.

Now you have to print a test page on your HP printer to check your printer is working fine.