How to Fix Outlook Problems with DataNumen Outlook Repair

DataNumen Outlook Repair is a top-rated data recovery and repair tool that’s proven to solve complex Outlook problems, including those caused by file corruption, missing password, oversized PST files, etc.

There are various reasons that can make your MS Outlook malfunction. But in most cases, you’ll notice that the problem is associated with faulty Outlook files. Faults on Outlook files could be a result of oversized data, malware attacks, accidental deletion, and errors in data files.

To continue using your email software, you should first repair the faulty files. Microsoft has provided an Inbox Repair Tool, the SCANPST, for troubleshooting and correcting faults in Outlook. But it doesn’t always work as desired especially when the damages on Outlook files are severe. In such cases, a professional Outlook repair application is what you’ll need to get back your data and keep office communication running properly.

Why DataNumen Outlook Repair?

DataNumen Outlook Repair is a world-class data recovery software for all versions of Microsoft Outlook. It features advanced technology that will scan damaged Outlook .pst files and restore lost or faulty details to bring the email application back.

It has an average recovery rate of 95.7% giving you high chances of restoring most of your lost information. It’s designed to recover your important data whether it’s in the emails, planner, journal, or calendar. The tool is capable of recovering numerous items associated with your emails and calendar. These include:

  • Embedded objects – for instance images, Spreadsheets, documents, and others.
  • Attachments such as videos and different formats of images
  • Password-protected files – this includes recovery of data in an encrypted PST file when you’ve lost the password.
  • Email distribution lists – so that you continue sending your batch emails in a single click just like before.
  • Deleted items in Outlook
  • Email properties – including from, to, date, cc, bcc, subject, and the message body, among others.

As you can see, the tool enables you to salvage as many items as possible. This lowers the chances of losing critical information that you might contain in your emails. It also supports the restoration of emails in different formats such as plain text, HTML, and RTF.

The old versions of Scanpst.exe have a limitation that it doesn’t work when dealing with PST files that exceed 2GB. This won’t be an issue with DataNumen Outlook repair since it can handle PST files as bulky as 16777216 TB and give amazing results. It’s also your best companion when you intend to divide the PST file into multiple files of smaller sizes just to keep your Outlook running properly.

The tool features an intuitive interface with clear labels on settings tabs. Even with basic computer skills, you may still use it to recover corrupt PST file and obtain data without a hassle. The software is available for download from the company’s website. It’s compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Outlook versions 97-2019 as well as Microsoft Office 365’s Outlook.

The capabilities of this DataNumen Outlook repair don’t end here. So, try it out to get an idea of the many Outlook issues you can solve with it. The best part is that other users have tried it and given amazing reviews. Besides, the company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means you can get all your money back within 30 days if it doesn’t match your expectations.