How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Roku

 There are a million possibilities that the Netflix app will not work on your Roku. So, what do you do when Netflix is not working on Roku? We have provided a few steps that will be of benefit to you below.

You have just discovered that your Netflix app is not working on your Roku. There is every possibility and an equal number of reasons why at times, Netflix or several other apps can just stop working on your Roku, even without any mishap done.

It is why we have provided ways and steps by which you can get your Netflix app up and running should it ever stop working on your Roku.

What Do I Do?

The most common observation is that your Roku may have just temporarily lost connection to your network. You can as well try to do the following;

  • First, you can check your network settings in the Roku User Interface.
  • You will then go to your home screen. On your hone screen, scroll down and then enter the Settings menu.
  • After achieving the above step, you should scroll down.
  • Open the Network option to enable you to determine if your Roku TV is still connected.

In the event that your Roku TV is still connected,

  • Tap the Check Connection option. This is to test out your network connection.

After you have done this – and things appear fine – look at your router and be sure it is connected.  You may want to try to switch from a wireless connection to a wired one with an ethernet cable, though this is owing largely to the type of Roku device you use.

You can also visit the Roku support page- it contains a list of error codes that can help you pinpoint your connectivity problems.

The last option might be to contact your internet provider.

Remember that we are discussing the possibility of the Netflix app not working on your Roku. It just might be that you need to update your app. Definitely, apps can start to be problematic once they are outdated. It is why the best option is to just update your Netflix app. Your Roku will also (normally) check for updates every 24 hours.

Meanwhile, you can just decide to check for your updates to the Netflix app manually. To do this;

  • Visit the home screen
  • Scroll down and go to the Settings menu.
  • Then, scroll down again and locate the System option.
  • Hit on the Software Update selection
  • Now, proceed to click on the Check Now option.

The Check Now option will check for Roku system updates and Netflix app updates.

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An alternative method to fix Netflix app not working on Roku

To do this;

  • Try to restart your Roku.
  • Unplug your Roku for about 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Then plug it back in and turn on the device.
  • You will then have to exercise a little patience before you go back into Netflix.

The problem stemming from Netflix Account

The problem could also be from your Netflix account. To solve the problem through this;

Check the account and then ascertain if your subscription has been renewed correctly.

to do this;

  • Go to the Netflix sign in page
  • After gaining access, click on Your Account in drop down menu available at the top right corner of your screen
  • Proceed to click on the Restart Membership Menu

The problem could also stem from your subscription plan. Netflix gives varying pricing plans that can limit the number of simultaneous streams that can happen on your account.

It then makes it suitable for you to consider upgrading your subscription plan.

Easy Fix: Just Download another Netflix App

A simple, suitable option is for you to simply uninstall and re-download the Netflix app. Note that, by doing this, you would have erased all your login info from the device. But it could be the best chance for a full reboot on the app, possibly erasing any issues you might have discovered before a re-download.

Quick List on Fixing Your Netflix If Roku is Not Working

  • Restart your Roku
  • Unplug your Roku from power for at least 10 seconds.
  • Plug your Roku back in.
  • Turn your Roku on by pressing any button on the Roku remote.
  • Wait 1 full minute.
  • Try Netflix again.

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We hope this article has been of immense benefit to you. You can tell us more about your experience using Roku and Netflix in the comment section below.