How to Fix Locked Keyboard on HP laptop?

A keyboard is a very important thing for your computer and that is why if your keyboard ever causes you any issues then, it can be very irritating as you will not be able to use the computer. There are many people who have observed that their HP laptop keyboards are not working effortlessly and that is why in the guide, we are going to tell you about the main reasons why your HP laptop keyboard is not working and what methods you can use when you want to resolve the issue and want to ensure that your keyboard is not causing you any issues.

What are the Main Reasons Your HP Laptop Keyboard is Not Working?

If you see that my hp laptop keyboard is not working then, you do not need to worry as there are a lot of reasons why the keyboard is not working. We are going to mention the most common reasons why your keyboard is not workings so that you can take the necessary precautions and prevent the keyboard from malfunctioning.

  1. Your keyboard is locked.
  2. There are outdated or corrupted drivers on your computer and keyboard.
  3. If you have more than one keyboard connected to your device then, the other keyboards connected to the device may interfere with your main keyboard.
  4. The keys of your keyboard are affected by dirt and dust.
  5. Your keyboard has been damaged and that is why it is not working properly.

These are the main reasons why your keyboard may not be working properly and while all the other methods require you to change the keyboard or the keys, if your keyboard has been locked then, you can use some simple methods to unlock your HP laptop keyboard and use it without any issues.

How Can Unlock Your HP Laptop Keyboard?

As we have explained earlier that if your keyboard is locked then, there is a very simple method that you can use when you want to reverse how to lock keyboard on hp laptop by unlocking the keyboard. We are going to mention a simple process that will assist you when you want to unlock your laptop keyboard.

There are many HP laptops that have a shortcut that allow them to unlock the keyboard that is not functioning properly. Since this shortcut is very simple there are instances where a person can accidentally click the shortcut and locks your keyboard and that is why you need to use the Shift button for 8 seconds if you want to unlock your keyboard. You will see that after this your keyboard will start responding again.

We hope that this simple process can be used by you when you want to fix your locked keyboards.

Troubleshooting Methods to Fix HP laptop keyboard not working

While a locked keyboard on hp laptop is the main issue that people usually face sometimes, there are other issues too that interfere with the working of the keyboard. Now that you have learned the process that will help you in unlocking your keyboard, you also need to learn some other methods too that will help you in fixing your keyboard.

Method 1: Restart and Reboot Your Computer

As explained earlier that if there is an error in the drivers and software of your computer then, this can cause your computer and keyboard to malfunction. You need to completely restart your computer completely after shutting it down as this will fix your computer and the keyboard.

Method 2: Remove Any External Keyboard that You Have Connected

The next probable reason why your computer keyboard is not working is the external keyboards that you have connected to your device. After unlocking hp keyboard if your keyboard is not working then, you need to remove any external keyboard that you have connected to your laptop. You need to completely remove the keyboard and turn off the Bluetooth connection to the keyboard and I am sure that after this you will be able to use the keyboard without any issues.

Method 3: Thoroughly Clean Your Keyboard

Dust and dirt is a very major reason why people are not able to use the keyboard as they wish and that is why you also need to make sure that your computer and laptop keyboard is clean. We all know that people carry their computers everywhere hence, you need to give a thorough clean to your computer keyboard before you try any other method to resolve the problems that you are experiencing with the HP laptop keyboard.

I am sure that the methods and information that we have given here in the guide have been understood by you as you need to use the commands to fix your HP laptop keyboard whenever you are not able to use it.

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